Apple bans parental control and screen-limiting apps

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    It is far more likely that these apps where tapping into things they should not have or that Apple wishes people to use the tools already built into the OS and Screen Time. I would wait to hear both sides of the story before jumping to such a ridiculous conclusion that Apple wants you to spend more time on your phone.
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    In my opinion, the author of the article is either very lazy or has a set agenda, regardless of facts, which we don't hardly know of.

    If this section is true, I think App Store policy violations might be the cause of removal for the various parties.

    "“We treat all apps the same, including those that compete with our own services,” said Tammy Levine, an Apple spokeswoman. “Our incentive is to have a vibrant app ecosystem that provides consumers access to as many quality apps as possible.” She said Apple removed or required changes to the apps because they could gain too much information from users’ devices. She added that the timing of Apple’s moves was not related to its debut of similar tools.
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    I doubt this is true... How much time is 'less time' ? how can you even tell anymore ? people can't even talk to each other face to face, without looking at their phones these days.

    I think its far more likely not because of that, but because Apple can do their's better..

    When you have an OS with defaults, you can always tweak your own stuff much better performance wise, and battery wise, than others that "add on's/hooks" do.The same happens on the Mac,, which is why i stopped using CoconutBattery and istat monitoring tools as they do not give as accurate response, constant issues.

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