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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by shdwghst457, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I bought the  Battery Charger in order to keep my Magic Mouse/Magic Trackpad/Keyboard (not Magical?) from draining my wallet every 5 minutes in need of AAs. It's a neat device, looks like an  product for sure. I charged the first pair and waited roughly 2 weeks to put them in the MM, but by the time I had put them in, they had already discharged to 63%! When I put those in, I went ahead and charged up the next pair. 3.5 weeks later, MM needed AAs again, so I put in the next charged pair, and these had already discharged to 66%!

    I realize the obvious solution is to not charge them until a day before needing them, but does anyone else notice this? Is it because I'm leaving them in the charger while it's not plugged in? And as a side note, is it ridiculous my MM has gone through 6 AAs while the batteries that came with my iMac's keyboard are still at 62%? Trackpad seems way more energy efficient than the Magic Mouse, as well.
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    That is because it does not have an optical laser, like the magic mouse has.

    Do not worry, this is normal. If you are not satisfied with your  product, call them and voice your concern to their support line.
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    I believe that these batteries never read "100%" because the sensor is calibrated for alkaline batteries. Alkalines start off at 1.5V and have a steady deterioration. NiMH start at 1.2V and have a much more constant voltage vs. time profile. This is noted someplace in the Apple documentation/support for the new batteries/charger.
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    To add, battery drain will happen if you leave the batteries in the charger without plugging it in. Either remove the batteries from the charger after they are charged, or wait until the batteries in your device are at a certain percentage before charging them. You also have the option of leaving the charger plugged in, as one of the main features of Apple's charger is having the industry's lowest vampire draw (ie, the amount of electricity used when the batteries are fully charged).
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    Mine is working terrible...

    I have been using my trackpad for about 1-2 months, and it died, but I grabbed a couple batts so thats when I realized that both batts into the charger because those were already dead...

    So, I read this thread and someone mentioned that.. so I grabbed a couple more just now, and they only show them at 68% right after putting them in...

    So are all the batts inside the box are shipped as being ALL DEAD!?

    The worst part is this... I put my original batteries from my trackpad and charged them, but after 24hrs after, so it still flashes orange. What happened with 6 hours for a charge?

    I'm really not happy with this charger.

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