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Apr 12, 2001

Late last month, we noted that Apple had apparently parted ways with longtime engineering design partner SurfaceInk over the consulting firm's recent efforts to create and design entire products for third parties. The final straw appears to have been a prototype tablet being shopped around by SurfaceInk, a move Apple viewed as a possible competitive threat.

Apple doesn't appear to be going without the services of a number of SurfaceInk's engineers, however, as a number of them appear to have recently moved over to be in the direct employment of Apple. While it has not been uncommon for SurfaceInk employees to make the transition directly to Apple over the years, there certainly appears to be a significant number of them making the move just as Apple drops its partnership with SurfaceInk itself.


According to LinkedIn profiles, we've identified four engineers from SurfaceInk who became Apple employees as of August 2010: Paul Yuan and Alex Yeung (Product Design Engineers), Jared Kole (Product Development Engineer), and Craig Leong (R&D, Mechanical Engineer). In addition, Josh Pong and Margie Duffy moved in August from SurfaceInk to become Product Development Engineers at Apple through staffing firm Ryzen Solutions, while William Yarak took a Consulting Product Design Engineer position with Apple just this month.

In total, we have documented at least seven former SurfaceInk employees who have reported moving to Apple in just the past few weeks, with several more appearing to have moved earlier this year. Consequently, it appears that Apple may have picked up for itself a substantial portion of the SurfaceInk expertise it had been relying upon for collaborations on engineering design for its products.

Article Link: Apple Bringing Former SurfaceInk Collaborators In-House


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Dec 4, 2008
The back of beyond.
I suppose this is a lot cheaper than buying the company. I was surprised that Apple used any outside contractors on design in the first place, they always seem so focused and proud of their in-house capability.


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Jun 27, 2007
Interesting. So much for SurfaceInk being a possible thread in creating knockoffs.


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Apr 20, 2010
western us
stalking by MR?

this is kind of stalker-ish --- could the story have been run with the names redacted?

note to self: remove any info from linked in.



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Jun 26, 2009

Exactly. This sort of thing is entirely normal and so common place as to be rather a non-story. You need expertise? You don't want to buy it in? Then hire it! MS does it, Apple does it, everybody does it! I do wish people would engage brains before typing some times.

No offence meant to the member who first made the statement but lets keep the discussion on a more mature level rather than starting up with the "If this were x company you'd be angry but you're all Apple 'fanbois' so it's OK!" stuff, shall we? In business as in adult life, things are always more complicated than most angry/passionate people would have you believe. Good and bad or right and wrong are not always a simple as all that. Perhaps I'm getting a tad philosophical but it both bores and irritates me that so many potentially good discussions get hijacked by this sort of facile thinking. I grow tired of people throwing around words like "evil" without understanding what they're talking about.


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Jul 3, 2007
And interesting that his Linkin Profile is GONE.

Yes, very interesting indeed. I'm surprised he wasn't all super excited about thousands of people having their attention drawn to him for taking a job at a company.

This sort of thing is just creepy to me. Does Macrumors or any of the other mac websites think this information is going to be of any use to the vast majority of their readers? You think any of these idiots are going to somehow analyze and figure out what Apple's really up to?

I dunno. I know that they put their info up on Linked In but for professional contacts, not to be stalked by a bunch of dorks on Apple websites.
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