Apple Calls New Russian Smartphone Sales Legislation 'Equivalent to Jailbreaking'


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Mar 15, 2009
Apple caves to China yet cannot tolerate Russia's involvement in their ecosystem. Which one represents more money to Apple? Funny how that works.


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May 19, 2014
madrid, spain
I actually really want to see Apple pull out of the Russian market.

Then, i want to see China demand that all smartphones have government mandated apps preinstalled.

Would Apple pull out of the Chinese market? Or would they make an exception/excuse for China? That would be fun to watch.
well, Companies are masters in dodge laws, , I'm pretty sure this software law would mean only to include some apps, with same control Apple has now over them, so nothing very unexpected.

anyway, you cant pull out your product from such a large country as competition would devore you with time. No matter how big you are. maybe even with a disclaimer in the box or developing a different device (iPhone RS :rolleyes:)
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If major tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. all just simply refuse to sell their products in Russia as a result of this legislation I have a feeling the legislation would disappear very quickly.
well, this act would mean forcing competition to rise in those countries, Russia is big enough to make alliances with China, investors would be happy to put their money in developing new tech and new patents to compete in the medium place with USA.

things always change at some point.
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