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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Tech198, Mar 14, 2012.

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    In relation to , the the cameras, all of them from the Macbook Pro, right up to the Iphone 4S and ipad, I fail to see the oversight of the fact how "better" these ones are, Or how "comparable" they are to professional gear. other mobiles.

    To me, megapixals are megapixals, just like the display, the smaller the dots, the closer they are, and the higher the resolution.

    But i fail to see how this same pracice with in the iSight or any of Apples in-bult cameras inthe ipad and iphone 4/s etc.

    True, Apple uses multiple lenses at different gathering light intensitie. but I would of thought this way to only "archive" as high as possible.

    Isn''t this basically cheating ? And they can call it a 5Mega pixal cemera..

    Where as you see professional photograghers with their camera gear way more times than that... .. By this logic, should all professionals be using Iphones to take their stuff instead of the beefy 40Mega-pixal cameras they tought "Better resoultion at x. higher" We all just at the idea.

    Apple has even done it. Despite these opics to "archive" better they also introuduces 8Mega-pixal in the iphone 4S ? Would just "more optics" mean better resolution, if thiis was and is the Apple way ?

    I can see the retina screen res. makes a big different and any other screen. but when it comes to cameras. I'm lost.....

    But of course. seeing is believing, and yes the photos takin with the 4S, or even the Iphone are great. Despite these optics to "achive" higher res. they come through... This is where i get stumped...

    I'm not exactly sure why at only 5 Mega pixals....though... Optics can only do so much, and since the sensor is small anyway, would limit how many they can fit. therefore limiting the overall resolution... yes ?
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    I read through your entire post twice and I'm still not sure what you're really asking because you have written it so poorly.

    Apple's mobile device cameras won't compare to DSLRs or even to higher-end point and shoot cameras, if that's what you're asking.
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    I'm not sure what you are saying, but megapixels doesn't not equal to quality.

    A 12 megapixel point and shoot camera is not better than a 8 megapixel DSLR camera, if that's what you are saying.
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    Why not ? When it comes to resolution (for example PC desktop resolution 1600x1200 is *better* than 1280x1024) but when it comes to camers, its doesn't ?

    This doesn't add up. WHy not ? I always thought the more pixals you have, the smaller they are, and therefore, the higher (more detailed) the image. even when it comes to photos.
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    This is/was a common mistake when wanting to buy a camera. Its also like saying all the cameras in the world that shoot at 8mp will produce the exact same quality prints.
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    A little dated, and I don't always agree with Ken's logic... but this is a good basic explanation. It should help the OP figure out some things.


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