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Apple Canada Higher Education sales has rolled out a promo programme for Higher Ed students. It's a referral marketing thing where you can win a prize that's worth more money to you the more friends you "enroll".

This was posted on another board and me and some others went hardball on it because the domain is registered to another company (and registered 14 days ago), not at, it uses a non-secure website to collect private information, there is no link to the promotion from Apple Canada, the Privacy and Terms of Use pages link back to the general pages at Apple, it's "enroll your friends" theme is scarily similar to the 'free iPod/Mac Mini' scams, all of the links and site code are hidden within Flash, etc. etc.

So it had all the hallmarks of a phishing scheme.

So I called Apple Customer support, they say "It's not an Apple site sir, I have reported this to Apple Security"

Then I called Apple Canada Customer Relations, get managers on the line, and they say "Apple would only ever run a promotion from our own web site."

Finally I call Apple Marketing, and they say "Yes, it's a new promotion that we rolled out today. It's being run by our marketing firm". Marketing had neglected to tell the other Apple units about the promotion (oops).

So a textbook example of how not to handle a legitimate promotional website (or conversely how to look like a scam-site).

Anyway, for any Canadian university students, you can register for a chance to win fabulous prizes etc. if you are interested.


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Aug 2, 2004
I'm not Canadian, but I wanted to recognize you for the hard work you put into investigating the site! Nice sleuthing!


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Lazyhound said:
Uh, does anyone know why it's redirecting to now?
Without seeming excessively immodest, the redirect immediately followed my (polite, but critical in excruciating detail) calls to Apple and them reading the howls of outrage on the Canadian Mac forums.

It was a misconcieved program and appallingly badly rolled out - and at this point the past-tense is correct.


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Alone2Gether said:
Any of the Apple departments communicate with each other? :rolleyes:
Yeah, I got a terse call about 5 hours later from Apple Customer Service to "verify that the website that I was inquiring about is a legitimate Apple Higher Education marketing programme and we thank you for your feedback on this matter".


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Jun 27, 2005
I remember seeing this somewhere not so long ago, anyway since I have been looking around the purchase of a powermac. I live in Canada but I didn't know it applied here only.

How does it work exactly ? there doesn't seem to be any specific information ?

thank you!


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Jul 19, 2005
You're not finding anything because they pulled the promo, either to re-launch it, or can it altogether.

The way it worked was that you signed up for an account, and you had a chance of winning 2500$ to spend on Apple gear (but only certain things, no 12" iBooks or 12"/17" Powerbooks for some reason). You could increase the value of the prize by referring others to the site to up to 5000$ (250$/referral).