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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by JonHimself, Mar 10, 2008.

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    No idea where to post this thread, I'll start here and see what happens. I've long been interested in coming up with an all-in-one solution for my car. I would love to access to all my music and videos (for passengers/road trips/etc) and maybe even GPS in one clean-looking car deck. I've considered having an AppleTV, a CarPC (maybe CarMacMini), the touchscreen decks and even just an iPod/iPhone hooked up to an amp without even using a deck.
    I've come to the conclusion that for simplicity's sake, the touchscreen deck might be the best option. I can hook up my iPod or iPhone to it and control it from the deck (leaving the iPod out of sight), have GPS and it would probably be pretty clean. The problem is that the scrolling on the iPhone has probably ruined a lot of the touchscreen decks for me that require using some form of page-down to get to my music. Using my iPod that will be a problem because there is a lot on there.
    What I'm getting at is, does anyone have any input on basically an Apple-like car deck? Something that is fairly intuitive and nice to look at, but mostly just really functional. I have a couple that I have been looking at but none really stand out. Further, does anyone have any other suggestions about in-car solutions for their media?
    I've been looking through these forums and as well but figured I might as well post something and see how it goes.

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