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Feb 10, 2019
Since I haven’t found any recent posts on this, I’m going to make my own write up on it.

I traded my 13 Pro Max when I bought my 14 Pro Max from Apple. Since I used my Apple Card to buy the 14 Apple paid my trade-in with a credit on my Apple Card.

I think the problem was the way Apple listed the credit. It just says “Apple store. Refund – Apple Pay“. Apparently Goldman Sachs took that as I got a refund for something I purchased from the Apple Store on my Apple Card so they wanted their cash back, back. This is perfectly reasonable because if you get a refund then you should have to return the cash back because otherwise people would abuse that pretty badly.

When you click the transaction, there’s a report an issue choice. I did that in the opens up and iMessage I had to explain to one person. What happened then she transferred me to another person and I explain it again then that person transferred me to another person where I had to explain it a third time. A good tip here is copy paste is your friend. Write up something explaining it in detail and then just paste it every time you get to a new person. You’ll need to have patience so stay friendly and try to explain it clearly as possible. I explained to them that this refund was payment for my old phone that I traded in and was not a refund for a purchase I made with Apple Card.

I think the third person was actually someone able to help me because she said that she initiated a dispute and it would be resolved within 90 days. When she said that I was thinking yeah I’m not getting my money back but just now they actually deposited a credit.

Your mileage may vary depending on who you speak with and how clear you are explaining what is going on. What I would say is don’t get frustrated, try to just be clear and to the point. Don’t go off on any kind of sidetrack or give unnecessary information to confuse them.

The whole text conversation took about 55 minutes. Most of that was just waiting on replies. Only you can determine if it’s worth it to ask for a refund or just forget about it. It was only a little over $23 for me. It’s not much but for me it was more of the principle that they shouldn’t have done it.

If anyone has a similar experience, please post it because I wonder if my outcome is what’s happening for most cases or did I get lucky?
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