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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by imnew2mac, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Aug 21, 2010
    I'm not sure if this is the right section but I saw no better place to list it. When the iphone 4 released I purchased 5 for my family. I had 5 new apple care agreements purchased separately. I registered the agreements to the phones and they showed up online when I logged into support online. After about a month one of the phones was acting up. I went to the apple store and they swapped it out. All was well.

    I looked at my agreements about a month later when I purchased another apple piece of hardware and realized one of the phones was missing. I called apple and they told me after quite some time of research the agreement was not moved to my new phone and it was somehow assigned to someone in a different country (don't recall where). They assured me the problem would be resolved and all the data was in the system. I hung up and waited.

    A month went by so I called again. Same scenario as last call with the same results. I have now called no less than 12 times. I have been assigned different case #s periodically. Now one of my other phones no longer shows on my account. Apple support tells me they show the 2nd phone listed on their side and no idea why I am unable to see it listed on my account.

    I last spoke with apple on 6/28/11 and the rep assured me he would escalate the case and call me back. No return call so today I logged in and checked the case online. To my dismay the case says it was closed on Feb 9th. How can that be??? I spoke with the rep on 6/28/11.

    The phone is now out of warranty and the apple care agreement should kick in. The phone has been having some issues today and I started thinking I am about to get screwed by apple since they won't fix my apple care agreement.

    Can anyone offer any advice as to how I can fix this? When I call support they tell me there is no way to contact the department that resolves these matters and they can't even call that department. All they can do is escalate cases. I can't believe a company like apple would put a loyal customer through this much grief! Can anyone out there offer any help???
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    I would call and ask to speak to a supervisor immediately. Don't beat around the bush explaining it to a bunch more low level techs again, just escalate it yourself immediately, and don't get off the phone until its resolved. Make sure you get the names of anyone you talk to so you can try to get back to them if they try to delay you again.
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    Not that I don't appreciate your advise but I have tried all those routes. I manage over 100 cell phones at my job, computer assets, warranties, service contracts on all communications related items with my employeer. I generally know how to get things done. This has been a long road!

    However, I am happy to report this problem is solved after only 12 months of calling Apple. A Senior Support Specialist was able to access all the information and fix the problem. She believes the people I spoke with previously lacked the access privileges to make the changes in their system. After so many calls and so many hours on the phone I can't believe it was that easy!

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