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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by elmerjal92, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Jun 12, 2011
    Well today I found out that my original 1 year warranty expires tomorrow. Now I have the tough decision of whether or not to buy apple care. My main issue is this. A couple of months back I was sitting on my couch with my macbook pro in my lap and a cup of ginger-ale in my hand. I don't know what happened but about a gulp of ginger ale spilled on my laptop. It predominately went all over the left side of my keyboard (everything to about the "g" key). Now it wasn't a huge amount a liquid but it did seem to expand around the left side of my keyboard. Now here I am today debating in whether or not to buy apple care. I know that they have liquid detection but I'm not sure exacty where. Should I hope that the sensor didn't change color? Should I buy it or should I not buy it. Any input is appreciated.

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    Aug 20, 2010
    Search online and see if there are guides showing you the indicators and check them. If they are tripped, don't waste your money on AppleCare.
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    Applecare is almost always worth it on portable computers as so many things can happen to them. There is a risk they will not fix some things considered accidental damage but there are a lot of things they will fix under Applecare that could make it worthwhile. If you live near an Apple store, explain your situation and see what they suggest. Normally, they err on the side of making you as happy as possible within the rules and it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Apple has been known to make exceptions to this. A mainboard replacement for a MBP is over $900. When my son spilled a drink on his MBP and later took it in for repair, the Apple store guys noticed the sticky keys and said they would fix it as part of a "grace period" under Applecare.

    OTOH, when I took my iPod Touch in for repair, they spent 40 minutes looking at it with hand held microscopes only to tell me it had liquid damage. I explained that the only way it could have liquid damage is if I went down on the Titanic because it has lived in my pocket for almost a year but they wouldn't relent. I wound up calling Applecare on the phone and got it replaced that way.

    BTW, Apple keyboards are designed to be "spill resistant" and a bit of ginger ale on the keyboard might make it sticky without tripping liquid sensors inside the Macbook. YMMV.

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