Resolved Apple Care is awesome


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Apr 23, 2012
I took Apple Care for my Macbook 2015. There were issues with screen, they replaced the top cover with the screen. Then there was an issue with battery, got that replaced. Then the keyboard had problem with space bar, so they replaced that as well. Finally, I felt my computer has no more problem with any of the hardware. All along I have been amazed with the service that I have received with the Apple Care, even though it was all hardware issues.

Then finally came a huge bummer, I spilled coffee on the keyboard. I am sure it was not covered in Apple Care. Anyway, I went to Apple Store immediately, told them that I did spill coffee and asked them what my options are. They took the computer and said someone will call me with options. Finally I get the call and was told my computer is ready to be picked up. I was dreading the drive to the store thinking that it is going to cost me a lot, but no it was all taken care of and I had to pay nothing. They replaced the entire keyboard and the top case. I just cannot believe it. I will never not go without Apple Care for all my future Apple purchases. Thanks Apple Care.


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Jan 8, 2008
Tampa, Florida
My mother had a similar story with her original Core Duo MacBook. It went in for two logic board replacements and a top case replacement while it was under AppleCare. Several months out, the logic board went again, and they still replaced it anyway. About a year after it ran out, she spilled a cup of coffee on it, and they took it in and essentially gutted it for free.