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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by speedemonV12, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Nov 29, 2005
    Hi guys, i have heard of a lot of the users here taking the macbookpro that they bought, and sending it back in for repairs, I was wondering if this is what the apple care protection plan covers. I was also wondering how much of the computer they are able to fix, i mean does the Plan cover every aspect? like any physical problems and things like that, the whine, the heat? If apple were to release an update to the computer that you own, and the update has the heat problem fixed, could you send in the one that you have, and then have them send back a new updated one, because that one is the only one that has the heat problem fixed??

    thanks guys
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    Feb 4, 2006
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    Yeah, the AppleCare is basically the ability to send your laptop to Apple for repair (whether it whine, heat, etc.), all expenses paid. However, I do not think AppleCare covers user error such as coffee or soda spills. They will however repair your logic board, hard drive, or ram for instance if it fails on you. With your mac purchase, you get 1 year complimentary AppleCare warranty. You can buy "AppleCare" and extend the warranty 2 more years making it a total of 3 years. The prices are listed on Apple's website (they vary by computer model). If they ship out laptops with a heat issue fixed, of course they will take your old one and repair it to the new ones specs. You could easily sue if they refused.
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    That is one major reason why I always add Apple Care to my Mac's, in a few years and if it need repair it does add up also it gives you free support which is usually $49 just to talk to someone..

    That is true.

    On my old PowerBook, I had to replace the logic board 5 times and all of those times it was covered by apple care, so it is really worth getting, the only thing is that they will not cover anything that was bought after the Stock/BTO Mac, so if you add 3ed party ram or upgrade the hard drive, the will not cover that and will replace it back to stock if you computer needed to go in for repair.
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    Aug 5, 2005
    If I have the option I'd choose to go with a 3rd party extended service plan. Heard plenty of stories about how Apple conveniently voids your AppleCare over a small ding in your Powerbook citing you've mistreated it.

    The big boys like Dell will even cover accidentally damage instead of squabbling with you over a tiny dent for crying out loud.

    Mind you, for every 4-5 customers who purchases Applecare Apple gets the same amount of money as an actual sale (Applecare generally costs approximately 20-25% of the item's value) without having to shell out a single dime in parts or manufacturing. To put it in perspective even if 1 in 5 Macs fail catastrophically within a 3 year period and needs to be completely replaced, Apple will still come out even. I'd rather just get a hacked version of MacOS then to muck around with overpriced shoddy hardware if Apple's hardware is really THAT lousy.
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    in some ways, Applecare is sooo worth it. For example, I needed to replace my Ethernet card on my PowerMac. Well, thats attatched to the Logicboard. Not like I could newegg it and get a new ethernet card for $15, let alone a new board.

    But having said that, Apple's service so far has been horrid as by them replacing my Logicboard, has let me to a 3+ month fight with apple about my comp crashing 3 times a day and they denying anything is wrong with it till I made a case against them with over 30 crashed console logs and pictures and so forth and their finally like, "oh yea, we think the new logicboard u got is bad, we will get you a new processor too"
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    Mar 30, 2004
    I don't think they replace it to stock... they may not even repair it, if the third-party upgrades are the cause.

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