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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by nizmoz, Oct 1, 2012.

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    I called Apple Care today to see if I could get it added to my MBP 15" laptop that is just a month old. Before I called though their Tech Support department said I could get it on my laptop and it would also cover my new 27" cinema display. Both were not purchased at the same time. But very close. A guy I know purchased the cinema new, sealed, and sold it to me. It was purchased about 2 weeks ago. The laptop about 1 month ago. So I called Apple Care, and they refused to sell it to me to add it also to the display. Is this true? The guy said I didn't have to buy them exactly at the same time, and Apple care is saying yes. And I would need proof of purchase of the display as well even though their systems show it purchased 2 weeks ago. :/

    Any ideas what I can do here?
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    Maybe you can get adequate coverage of the display through your credit card issuer instead. Read the fine print. Usually with a display, they either die in a short time or work fine for longer than you'll even care.
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    I have found AppleCare to be a bit contagious. I had it on my Macbook and so it covered my gen 1 Time Capsule when it died. I got a new one free but my data was gone forever along with the permanent loss of my daughter's files because her machine got wiped while the TC was out for repair.

    That being said, if you called Apple and they told you one thing, then you called back and they told you something else, I suggest you keep calling until you get the answer you want and then buy it from the person that tells you what you want. I don't understand the need for AC on a display. I guess they go bad. Maybe. My MB sat connected to a Samsung Syncmaster 17 in external monitor for 4 years. I finally got rid of it not because it broke but so I could get higher resolution. I now have an acer 23 in monitor sitting next to my 15 in MBP. It's a nice combination though I really could get by without a second monitor now that I have the hires 15 in MBP. Keep in mind the AC on a MBP is already expensive, at $349 I'd get the AC for the MBP rather than cough up another $99 for AC for the display. But that's because I've had good luck with displays over the years and I've had excellent experience with AC over the years. YMMV, but since we're talking about Apple here, your mileage shouldn't vary by very much.
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    i bought a retina macbook pro with applecare and asked about buying a thunderbolt display, wireless keyboard, and trackpad later and if i could add all to the plan later..the answer yes if its within 30 days or close.

    I purchased all of the items about two weeks later and called and added them with no problems.
  5. Mal macrumors 603


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    The official statement is that displays have to be purchased with it, but you're right, within 30 days they won't usually give you any trouble. Airport devices (including the Time Capsule) can be purchased up to 2 years before or anytime after (within the coverage period), as long as they are used with that Mac.

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    The Applecare terms and conditions state that it will cover a display if the display was purchased at the same time as the computer. I think the even bigger issue here is that you didn't purchase the display from Apple, but from a friend. You shouldn't have a problem getting Applecare added to your computer, but I can't see Apple agreeing to cover a display purchased after the computer from someone other than Apple. You can call them and try to get a different answer, but I don't think you'll have much luck, sorry.
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    If you can, I would go to the Apple Store instead. Store people seem to be nicer about these things.

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