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    How does Apple Care work exactly? It sounds like most people buy and register Apple Care shortly before their 1 year warrantee expires, which then gives them 3 years of cover after the first year? Or if you buy Apple Care with a new Mac, does the 3 years cover start after the warrantee ends anyway? If not, it sounds like you're getting 1 year less cover?

    Also, does anyone have any experience with Apple care, in terms of repairs? Are all repairs free? I've heard of people having to wait up to 6 weeks for their iMacs to be repaired, can it really take this long?
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    AppleCare extends the original coverage from one year to three years - total - from original purchase date of the Mac - and not the purchase date for the Applecare coverage.
    You have to add AppleCare before the original 1 year expires. Total covered time will still be 3 years
    Any covered repair is at no charge to the customer.
    Coverage extends to factory defects and failures, but will not cover damage or abuse.
    If repairs are needed, time can depend on the local store. Some repair issues might take extra time because of the need to replace multiple parts. Hard to say when you don't know the circumstances. Could be an extended time, or could be while you wait, or even while you watch.
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    Very good and comprehensive answer.

    For a computer (or iPad) I always buy Applecare. These days, I buy it when I buy the computer - it is one less thing to have to remember to do when I am next home, as I can be abroad for months at a time.

    However, when I bought my first Apple computer, in 2008, I didn't have funds immediately to buy Applecare; nearly five months after buying the computer, I was sent abroad, expecting to be away for four months. In fact, I was away for six, and bought Applecare on my first leave home.

    Applecare covers three years from the day you buy the computer, and it can be bought at any time during the first year of ownership of the computer.

    Personally, I always buy it, mainly for the peace of mind it gives me for three years. That means that Applecare is the 'cycle' that determines when I upgrade a computer, not technological advances.

    While Applecare will not add hugely to any sum of of money you might earn from selling the computer, I suspect that it might make the sale itself a lot easier, as it will also give potential buyers peace of mind.

    I have actually used Applecare, and I have found that - to a large extent - it has paid for itself.

    My original MBP suffered a HDD failure when it was not about two and a half years old, and that was repaired without a problem by Apple under Applecare. Two MBAs (my previous 13" and an 11") suffered from Magsafe problems, which were also dealt with by Applecare. More recently, two different MBAs (my current 13" and my previous 13") also had keyboard problems - two particular keys failed to work on one, and the touchpad gave problems on the other. Again, Applecare to the rescue; in one case, the entire keyboard was replaced, and the touchpad was repaired/replaced - but worked perfectly well afterwards.
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    Ah, thanks for all the details guys. I'm a bit put off as I think £150 is fantastic for 4 years cover, but just 3 years makes me a tiny bit uneasy. I'll obviously still go with it just to be sure. :)
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    Double check your consumer protection laws, AppleCare may only give you ONE extra year. Many people here have mentioned that some places in Europe require 2 years of coverage at no cost to the consumer.

    For those in the US, if you buy using a credit card MANY include free doubling of the manufacturer's warranty (no, buying Apple Care in these cases won't give you 6 total years) through a benefit of the credit card. I have a Discover, MasterCard and a Visa that I think all offer this protection.
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    I use AMEX to double warranty period on purchases. Apple Care does offer extended phone support. If that's important to you AC may be for you.

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