Apple Care - Retina Imac - dead pixel


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Oct 16, 2014
Anyone know if the warranty policy has been updated for the Retina? I have an 09 Imac that had a single dead pixel near the middle of the screen 3 months after purchase. Apple said at the time we had to have a minimum 10 dead (or something like that - a few would not suffice) to have the screen replaced. Ended up living with it, and not noticing it all that much save the occasional time. But dropping $3,500 on the Retina, I'm gonna be ticked if there's a dead pixel here.


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Dec 24, 2007
You don't need a reason to return it within 14 days. Inspect very carefully when you get it, and return it if you find one.

Nowadays you would be unlucky to get dead pixels on high quality displays. I've not seen one for ten years or more. Return it and then buy a new one, rinse and repeat until perfect.

It's highly unlikely that a dead pixel would develop over time...