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Apr 12, 2001

Apple this weekend participated in a few LGBTQ pride parades happening around the world, including those in San Francisco, New York City, and Toronto.

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted his support for the parades, wishing a happy pride, "to all our employees, their families and customers around the world!"


Happy #Pride2017 to all our employees, their families and customers around the world! Today we're showing #applepride in SF, NYC and Toronto - Tim Cook (@tim_cook) June 25, 2017
The company handed out t-shirts with a rainbow Apple logo to those marching in the parades, and in San Francisco there was a large #applepride structure where visitors were able to write their own messages regarding the celebrations.

Apple x Pride - Sabria (@_SabriaJ) June 25, 2017

In previous years Apple has taken to the streets for the pride parade in San Francisco with similar pride t-shirts for employees, commemorative videos posted on YouTube, iTunes gift cards, and a custom rainbow Apple Watch Woven Nylon band. The Pride Edition Woven Nylon band launched to the public during WWDC earlier this month, and Apple this week confirmed a portion of its proceeds are going to help LGBTQ organizations like The Trevor Project and the HRC.

Apple has long voiced support for LGBTQ causes like same sex marriage, as well as having spoken out against some controversial laws that predominantly risked negatively affecting the lives of gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals. Before he publicly came out as gay in late 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook fought for equality in speeches and op-eds. Under late CEO Steve Jobs, Apple also opposed many discriminatory laws, including 2008's Proposition 8 that sought to eliminate the right to same sex marriage in California.

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Article Link: Apple Celebrates Pride During Parades in San Francisco, New York City, and Toronto


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Apr 28, 2003
Haha, the #applepride hashtag sounds like a new product release.

Its feature set gives the user tolerance and acceptance of other people. Very reasonably priced at $0.00 too.
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Sep 11, 2014
Screw this. Traffic is crazy....couldnt get out.......he.....llllppppp......
Parades are always a pain when it comes to snarling traffic. There's a rural style town parade that completely blocks the only road between my house and the center of town once a year. We always hope nobody needs an ambulance or a fire truck that day.

Tim/Apple should revive the old Apple Logo for more merchandise, maybe a Watch face to match the pride band would be a nice touch. I miss it. I like that somebody drew it in on that white wall in the picture. My husband still has his IIe set up, so I do still get to see the old logo on it. It was a nice pop of color on the old beige box.

The new logo they have for the parade is pretty, too, but nothing beats the old logo.



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Aug 1, 2004
St. Louis, MO
And because I know some bigots are going to say "Apple is promoting sin, I am never buying Apple Products ever again!" - Microsoft and Google support equality too. You're going to have to find some Stone Age technology to match your Stone Age beliefs. Perhaps an actual stone and chisel.


Sep 11, 2014
Now gays can use Apple products without shame. Actually with pride now!

Being gay is fashion now. I wonder how different their lives are now that they can advertise their sexual preference to the world.
I would imagine it means a lot. I am not LGBT, but I am of a mixed racial and cultural heritage, and my life has spanned less inclusive and tolerant times. It's been rewarding seeing people like myself go from being degraded or ignored to accepted and even celebrated. If that acceptance and celebration is expressed in arts, entertainment and fashion, that's awesome. It means more concrete advancement has taken place beneath the fluffier trappings of acknowledgement.


Aug 21, 2015
Berkeley, CA, USA
Now gays can use Apple products without shame. Actually with pride now!

Being gay is fashion now. I wonder how different their lives are now that they can advertise their sexual preference to the world.
Whatever, man. I've seen worse fashion trends than rainbow watchbands. The last thing I'm gonna do is whine about how people express themselves.


Sep 11, 2014
This isn't very interesting. I'm more curious what Apple thinks about this:
I appreciate the message California is trying to send but I think that ban is a poor way to go about it and the exclusion it allows for revenue collection and grant maintenance related travel makes it a bit hypocritical and weakens it. Also...there's no mention of exemptions for law enforcement related travel. Once in awhile law enforcement officers do have to travel to other states for various reasons. They should not have to do so on their own dime.
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Nov 16, 2008
Unfortunately, I missed them in SF today! I looked away for just a few seconds and missed their sign haha.


Jun 9, 2013
why always the mac blog is the place for "'politics, religion, social Issues" lol? MC create a new section and call it "other ****" or some ****
They already are... PRSI.
I will be happy when posts like this don't automatically get put in the PRSI forum.
This forum is set up to be restricted for people who have 100+ posts in order to comment.


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Feb 1, 2014
This isn't very interesting. I'm more curious what Apple thinks about this:

Hold up, being from California, I can say that most of the state is liberal, which is fine, so obviously most of the state is likely against the Trump travel ban.

Meanwhile California is doing a “travel ban” on other states within the US? I get the reasoning, but this doesn’t seem like a great idea of showing love and inclusion.

When it comes to LGBTQ I would like to think California would want to be an example to everyone else, not just hit the metaphorical “block” button on State it doesn’t think is LGBTQ friendly.

I wish the world would put some pressure on the 70 or so countries that still actively kill and torture gay people, and imprison people who have had an intimate experience with the same sex.

Just a side note, I was actually walking in the parade today and it was AWESOME. So many people, so much energy. It really is just simply amazing to see so many people come out for an event like this.


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Sep 25, 2012
Slapfish, North Carolina
As a hetero, the marches don't bother me. They do no harm to me physically, socially, or financially.

I'm not sure how much they accomplish however, other than to "project" a more mainstream embrace/acceptance of LGBT. I suppose that's a victory in and of itself? Because as time goes by, more and more people will think that LGBTs being treated as equals is not such a weird idea.

Kinda like women, 120 years ago, it was considered a weird idea that women should have the right to vote. Today, the idea of female suffrage is universally accepted (in Western nations) as normal.
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