apple censorship?


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Jul 19, 2007
I posted on Apple's forum my experience with my i-phone becoming inoperable after 15 days. The Apple store has sent it back for repairs. I posted how I felt it was poor customer relations to make me pay the $30 loaner fee for a $600 phone that is only two weeks old. I can understand that there is always going to be some defective units coming off a production line - I happened to be unlucky this time and got one. I had also faxed a letter to apple customer service and got one call stating they would send me a case for the phone and a second follow up call asking if that was satisfactory. $30 is nothing to me. It is the principal. I am a long time apple user (since the early 80"s) and currently we have in our household 3 mac computers, 3 i-pods, and the i-phone. When I was in the apple store the manager on duty pulled up my records and stated that he saw I was a good customer but couldn't override the policy charging the $30.

Had lots of quick responses to my post (all but 1 positive) but Apple removed it. Now I believe what I've heard and read - you can't voice anything negative about them or their products on their website.

Yes I will continue to be an Apple fan and buy their products, (I still think they're the best) but the blind loyalty I've had all these years is gone.


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Jun 10, 2007
WTF under 30 days and they didnt pay the loaner fee?

with my company if any product is defective within 30 days that is DOA to us,

we pay for shipping (BOTH WAYS) give them a new product and ship 1 day fedex, they get a new product before he/she even ships the defective one back on OUR fedex account.

that is bad customer service IMO. if it was over 30 or 45 days i could see that they would want to charge you, but under 2 weeks!!!!


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Jun 24, 2004
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I don't think there is anything wrong asking for $30 on a loaner.

On a side note, do not take this personally, just an observation - but why is it there are always post here from first time poster that claim to be long time Apple users and supporters but they always seem to spell the name of the product they purchased wrong? Hint: its not spelled I-phone, I-pod or I-mac. Just a pet peeve of mine I guess.