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Apr 12, 2001

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down for an interview with People en Español where he talked about diversity at Apple, his personal life and his decision to publicly announce his sexual orientation.

Back in 2014, Cook wrote a letter for Bloomberg Businessweek where he came out as gay in an effort to bring comfort to anyone who feels alone" and "inspire people to insist on their equality."


Cook says that he does not regret his decision to come out. "I have not regretted it for one minute," he said. "Not at all." Cook went on to explain that he had been receiving notes from kids struggling with their sexual orientation, and he wanted to do something. It took him a year between getting the words right and picking the right time for the announcement.
Obviously I couldn't talk to each one individually that reached out, but you always know if you have people reaching out to you that there's many more that don't, that are just out there wondering whether they have a future or not, wondering whether life gets better... From there I really decided. There's been a lot of people that came before me that made it possible for me to sit here today, and I needed to do something to help those people that were in a younger generation.
Cook said that he didn't experience any fear ahead of the announcement, but he was concerned about the world outside of Apple even with unanimous support from Apple's board. "I mean you look at it... there's still half the states or so where you can be fired for being gay or trans," said Cook.

Apple has a "history of being open and diverse" which made him feel comfortable making the announcement. According to Cook, being gay has given him a "level of empathy" that's "much higher than average."
I'm not saying that I understand the trials and tribulations of every minority group, because I don't. But I do understand for one of the groups. And to the degree that it helps give you a lens on how other people may feel, I think that's a gift in and of itself.
Cook also spoke about diversity and Apple's recent decision to file an amicus brief in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy. "We know that we create better products by being more diverse," said Cook. "We know the best products are created by the most diverse teams because products are created for everyone."
When I talk to folks that are in the United States in the DACA program, what I see is a level of grit, a level of determination, a level of excitement to be in America to achieve something and to go beyond perhaps where their parents did. I see enormous dedication and [a] very diligent work ethic, which I've always deeply admired. It was the way I was brought up as well. That's what I see, and I think it's a travesty that we're allowing, as a society, this cloud to hang over their heads for any period of time, but even more so for the period of time we have.
Cook's full interview, which has additional details on Apple's environmental efforts and Cook's advice for children who are gay and their parents, can be read over on the People en Español website.

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Article Link: Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks Diversity and Coming Out in New People Interview


Oct 28, 2014
We can only hope. Hopefully the Apple of 2008-2012 can come back.
If I'm Reading the Tea Leaves correctly, it sounds like he is planing to Exit Apple (soon).

Tim Cooked will go down as the worst CEO in Apple History, causing even more damage than John Sculley.
Sculley had everyone bamboozled for 10 years. Cooked did more damage in less time.


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Sep 20, 2017
North Carolina
Having spent a few years in Silicon Valley, and having met Cook at a few functions, I can tell you I am less than impressed by the tech industry's social justice "talk" for the sake of image. I've yet to see a company that backs up its talk with honest action. Remember Google's "Don't be evil"? What a crock of crap.

Apple has strayed from its core due to putting politics and fantasized image ahead of business. Jobs had his causes, but I never really noticed it creeping into the company's culture as much as Cook's tenure.

If what another poster here said is true, that Cook's days are numbered, I for one will not lament his departure. It's past time to move on and go back to what Apple was best known for -- Innovation and the Spirit of Invention.


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Jun 13, 2012
Well.. congress needs to get their act together.. and change the laws.. if that is what majority of American citizans want.
Its not an issue revolving around a single individual.
Its an issue of screwed up laws and failiure of congress to do something about it.
Simple as that !


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Oct 16, 2008
What kind of effort were you expecting? Should he go back to school and learn to code so he can pitch in with iOS 14?

Steve Jobs couldn't code. (Source: ) However, Jobs put a lot of effort into making Apple's products Apple's top priority. Tim Cook cares more about shareholders and SJW activity more than Apple's products.


macrumors demi-god
May 4, 2016
Tim has been successful, but only because he rode the coattails of SJ and the average rank and file worker at Apple - who, up until his point have kept Apple moving forward (albeit, at a very slow pace). He rung out every one of SJ's last ideas and now the chamois is dry and stiff as a board. He has done nothing for the company except lobby and showcase his hypocrisy. It's plain to see he only pursues causes that not only benefit and interest Apple shareholders, but himself. The former is expected, the latter is disgusting.

He has done a slam-dunk job of pulling the wool over the eyes of the board and convinced them he's doing anything less than a fantastic job. He's a terrible leader and I can only hope Apple realizes this and finds some real leadership talent to make them Apple again. Maybe they know he's awful and just have no one to replace him? That's my hope. If they remove him without an amazing replacement, the stock will tumble 30%.

I scoffed a bit at Amazon in 2014 when they started to push their Fire TV and Alexa devices. Now my house is filled with Amazon tech, and they are killing it. If they come up with a better phone, it could be trouble for Apple.
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