Apple CFO Luca Maestri to Speak at 2017 Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference Tomorrow


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple CFO Luca Maestri will speak at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference tomorrow afternoon, according to Apple's investor news site. Maestri will speak at 1:20 p.m. Pacific Time, and Apple will provide an audio webcast of the session.

The Technology and Internet Conference is hosted by Goldman Sachs each year, and while Tim Cook has attended the event multiple times in the past, it will be Maestri's first time speaking at the event.

As CFO, Maestri may be asked about Apple's impressive iPhone sales and return to revenue growth last quarter. Other topics could include Apple's capital return program, overseas cash, growth in emerging markets, and other finance-related topics. No major announcements have been made at the conference in the past, but Maestri's comments may offer an interesting look into Apple's business.

MacRumors plans to provide coverage of the event and will share details on what Maestri has to say.

Article Link: Apple CFO Luca Maestri to Speak at 2017 Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference Tomorrow


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Dec 7, 2012
I think you mean "return to revenue growth". "Return to profitability" suggests Apple wasn't profitable earlier, which is not true. "Return to profit growth" would also not be true as profits are on a downward slope.
Yes, thank you. Poor wording, I've updated the post.
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Apr 20, 2016
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Someone should ask him "why did Apple Drop the Ball so Badly with Wide Color?" ... for those of you who don't know the story, Apple passed-off the responsibility for introducing Wide Color at their Sept 7th event to some Dude from Instagram (who basically flopped), AND Apple has done absolutely nothing since then to educate its users about the benefits of wide color ... incidentally, Wide Color Capture & Display is the ONLY differentiated product attribute of the iPhone 7 family, yet for some UN-known reason, Apple never promoted it ... Steve Jobs would have made it the centerpiece of the Sept 7th event, and every public opportunity afterwards.

And BTW, there isn't a single financial analysts anywhere in the world who has picked up on this !


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Aug 14, 2010
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Oh good, Tim's Accountant is giving a talk. I am sure that will be riveting and full of information..... :rolleyes:
Maybe not for you or me, but for those interested in $ and making more of it, I'm sure it will be riveting. Then again, his words might be riveting for me and my fantasies.
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