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Oct 14, 2011

No longer 30 days to return iPhones, now it's 14.


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Jun 14, 2010
In-house link: Apple Shortens iPhone Return Window to 14 Calendar Days

Only really affects you if you were buying unsubsidized phones due to the carrier's 14-day policies or perhaps felt the need to do multiple returns-for-new instead of warranty exchanges.

As of day 15 you might return the phone to Apple and get the credit, but you still had the 2yr contract with AT&T or Verizon and a hefty ETF. Not sure how that worked out for people, but seems this is a bit less confusing.

ET iPhone Home

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Oct 5, 2011
Orange County, California USA

No longer 30 days to return iPhones, now it's 14.

I inquired about the return policy with Apple directly, and yes, it's now 14 days. I'm purchasing and unlocked 5S and I'm hoping that I can see if voice signals are good in the Las Vegas area doing that 14-day period. I just have to plan my purchase the day (or two) before I leave. This return period will be tight.
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