Apple China Posts New Calligraphy Video to Commemorate Upcoming Hangzhou Store

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    Apple has posted a new video on its official Chinese retail website showing renowned calligrapher Wang Dongling creating a mural for the company's upcoming West Lake store in Hangzhou. The video shows the artist using precise brush strokes to form characters around an Apple logo on a surface, which is then shown covering the West Lake retail location.

    Last week, Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts commented on Apple's expansion strategy in China, which involves the opening of five new retail stores in the next five weeks to coincide with the festive shopping of the February 19 Chinese New Year holiday. With the addition of five new stores, Apple would be operating a total of 20 locations in China and Hong Kong with an ultimate goal of 40 stores in China over the next several years.

    Apple's new West Lake store in Hangzhou, China opens on Saturday, January 24 at 9 AM local time.

    Update: Apple has posted a new version of the video on YouTube with English subtitles.

    Article Link: Apple China Posts New Calligraphy Video to Commemorate Upcoming Hangzhou Store
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    My translation maybe a bit off but I think it says, Now that you have earned money making apple products, come and spend it all buying the products you made.
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    It's a poem written by Su Shi (1037-1101) in the Song Dynasty. It is about how beautiful the West Lake is (where the new Apple store is located).

    The brimming waves delight the eye on sunny days.
    The dimming hills give a rare view in rainy haze.
    The West Lake looks like the fair lady at her best.
    Whether she is richly adorned or plainly dressed.
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    New products, innovation, not more new stores
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    I really hope they can provide iBook store service in China. And Apple TV.
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    "upcoming" and "Commemorate" seems to work against each other here

    Commemorate is to think/remember/pay tribute to something in the past.
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    Thanks :).

    Maybe this is a too vague/complicated question, but... maybe you know if the calligraphy (in itself or the writing act by that artist) happen to have any special significance?

    I guess the question is kinda, "is there something I am missing out here as a westerner"? I do know that for example in Japan calligraphy does have some special, er, trascendence lets say...
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    It looks really incredible. Much more modern, creative and newly stylized.
    And how better to connect with the culture, huh? This is all about people, people. :p
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