Apple Cinema Display 27inch Mini DisplayPort - Connecting PC Laptop

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by maw4bc, Jul 8, 2016.

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    I have been searching for this for 3 hours so figured I should post and try to save some time. Appreciate the help in advance.

    So I have a 27" Apple Cinema Display that has the Mini DisplayPort (not the thunderbolt model).

    Note: My Apple Cinema Display has 3 cords: Apple Laptop power cord, Mini DisplayPort cord, and USB cord.

    I plugged in the Mini DisplayPort to the Dell Laptop and also plugged in the USB to the Dell Laptop. I have the 3rd cord (power cord) plugged into my macbook pro (figured it needed that power to turn on the display?). .

    It basically just mirrors what is on my laptop and doesn't add another screen. For instance, when I plug my PC into my monitor at work it acts as another monitor where I can use the screen on my laptop and the monitor screen.

    Also, in regards to just mirroring the screen. Will the Apple Cinema Display not create a larger environment like it does when I connect my MBP?
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    the power on the monitor does not need to be connected to anything for the monitor to work. What is the CPU and graphics adapter in the Dell? Maybe it cant drive a monitor that large. have you gone into settings on the Dell? What OS is it running? good god man, what is going on there?
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    You probably just need to adjust your display settings in Windows. Since it's a different monitor it's obviously not going to use the same settings as your work monitor.

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