Apple Classic Buckle band on third-party springbar adapters?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by CarlJ, Jan 29, 2016.

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    I got an Apple Saddle Brown iPhone case a few months back, and I really love it. All the wear on other apple cases that make them look "dingy" make the saddle brown coloring look "lived in". Personal taste, sure.

    I've looked at other leather straps, but I haven't found any that I like quite as much (for both shape and color) as Apple's original. (Vaguely considering the "Worn Light Brown" or "Vintage Sallde" leather straps from ClockworkSynergy.)

    So, I'm toying with the idea of getting Apple's "42mm Saddle Brown Classic Buckle" band, for my Space Gray Sport watch. I don't mind the buckle being stainless steel, as think it goes well with the light color of the leather, and it's on the opposite side of my wrist from the watch itself. But I don't like the pictures I've seen of the shiny stainless adapters connected to the watch. Too abrupt of a contrast (again, to my taste).

    So, I'm toying with the idea of getting the official Classic Buckle band, and a set of appropriately sized springbar adapters (like the Clicks - I have one set in space gray already - but not necessarily Clicks), and taking the strap out of the box and straight away cutting off the Apple adapters and mounting the strap on the space gray third-party springbar adapters, before putting it on my watch.

    I know it sounds a bit nuts, but like I said, just toying with the idea. And I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience they could share with mounting real Apple bands on springbars. Specifically, if the straps work well with standard 1.8mm diameter springbars, or perhaps the "fat" 2.5mm springbars, or if there's just no good solution. Also, if you have an Apple Classic Buckle strap, what is the actual width of the strap at the watch end? 22mm? 24mm? Something else? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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    It could be done because the official adapters don't need to be cut. When I bought mine I was surprised to discover they can be taken apart just like any third party adapter. It's just that it seems like a seamless one piece adapter.

    The third party ones look like 3 pieces: the main bar and the 2 little bars pointing out and you notice it because they dont seem fused together.
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    It's all a matter of the look you like, nothing wrong with that.

    I have the original classic black band for my 42mm AW and just this week bought a digital caliper so can actually give you some feedback on the size. Took some photos. It's a bit tricky to get a reading with my adapters on but should give you a good idea.

    Taken at adapter on long strap

    Taken at buckle

    As for the adapter if you have one of the pentalobe screw drivers that come with the 3rd party classic adapters, you can carefully unscrew the adapter and release the band from the bar. Worse case if you strip the screw and can't remove, you'd need to cut the bar off I guess.

    Apple publishes a Developers Guide to watches/bands/classic adapters that has diagrams with dimensions of the various parts. Should answer your questions also (see Page 8).

    I have Yesoo brand spring adapters (silver) bought from ebay's Freedomoclock and wear 24mm bands on them. Here's my spring bar adapter with a Dessari leather watch band on it.

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    I think you'll want to stick with the spring pins that come with the adapter (at least Freedomoclocks come with them). First off they will fit the adapter holes so should be a good fit in diameter and length. Secondly I took two measurements of my classic band adapter in two places along the U-shape and they had a diameter of less than 2.5mm.


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    From reading thru an older thread on pentalobe screwdriver for the Apple Watch, here's a recommended site and screwdriver to use:

    UPDATE: I ordered 2 of these from KC Tool (one in case I stripped one) and great service and emails followups. Arrived quickly and nice product. They also threw in a Phillips screw tip which we can use in one of our customizable screwdriver handles.

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