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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Rogifan, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Nov 14, 2011
    Jason Snell touched upon this in his last podcast. I’ve noticed it as I’ve tried to tweak faces to get exactly what I’m looking for. First of all there’s no way to know which complications are supported on each watch face. For example the sunrise and sunset complication is supported on the modular and infograph faces but not the infograph modular face. And on the infograph face it’s only available in the corners and not the middle circular faces (which would be why the infograph modular doesn’t support it). I’m assuming the complications for the old modular face are different than the new Series 4 faces and Apple hasn’t ported certain complications over yet.

    It all makes for a very confusing experience. As a user you don’t know which complications are supported on which faces and why some are only available for certain faces or in certain spots on a face (for instance on the infograph face the wind complication is only available in the center, not the corners). One, Apple needs to clean this up and bring consistency to complications across faces. For example on the infograph face any complication that’s available in the center circles should also have a complication for the corners. It might look a little different as the corner can display more information but it should be available in either spot. Two, it would be nice if there was a place in the Watch app where you could more easily see what complications are available for each face. Right now in the Watch app all the complications section does is give you a list of 3rd party complications and let you delete them. This list should include Apple complications and should let you tap one one to see all the faces that support it.

    Aside from health tracking features I think complications are the most important part of Apple Watch. But they’re a mess right now and Apple needs to do something about it.
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    Just picked mine up today and puzzled to find that Messages is not available at all on the Infographic watch face. They don't see that as informative? Honestly? I imagine it will make an appearance at some point but really should have been there from the get-go.
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    Nov 14, 2011
    Yep. And this is one thing Jason Snell complained about. All the Apple first party complications that are missing from the new faces. I don’t know if it’s a resource issue or a don’t really care issue but they need to get it sorted.
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    I just received the AW 4 today and with the infographic watch face I cannot use SkyGuide or WeatherUnderground. I'm not sure if the watch is still settling or if this is inherent problems with this watch face. Based on what I'm reading it sounds as though it may be the face because they work on my S2 with a Color face. I have to agree it seems they are a mess. I still like the larger display and slimmer case though.

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