Apple concept model thread: post YOUR works!


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Nov 2, 2008
There's nothing more intruiging than concept drawings that never were, especially when it comes to patents (of which, I enjoy seeing Apple's).

But I want to see YOUR bright ideas for your dream computer/device. Let me see the next iPhone, MacBook or something Apple's never done before.

Even if you don't have one, share some of your favorites.

This is my personal want.

Aluminum unibody with iBook-like rubber edges. The rear is curved to allow it to slip into a case and be carried with your hand under that edge without discomfort. The color schemes could theoretically be more diverse than the iBook. The aluminum can be anodized in many colors and the rubber and plastic can be pigmented as well. The Apple (only upside-down as an homage to the iBook ;) ) is colored but also backlit. Nothing like a rainbow of glowing Apples! I sure would appreciate the ability to have flexibility as far as color schemes go *please Steve, puh-weeeez!*

Now the interesting part. This isn't necessarily a laptop. The screen can be opened to beyond 300 degrees, which would allow it to be propped up much like a ladder. The keyboard would be removable and use Bluetooth as well as some sort of tracking device, still blank on that =\ likely the entire board would be touch-activated and include the trackpad and keyboard on one screen, iPhone style. The vents, when propped to the desktop mode, would point straight up, allowing even better ventillation.

Basically it would turn your MacBook into the old LCD Apple Studio Display with the adjustable leg at the back.

I present the long absent


Whadayathank! Your turn!

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