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Apr 12, 2001

Last week, we noted that Apple was preparing to open its first retail stores in Sweden, with a store in the Täby Centrum shopping mall outside of Stockholm being rumored to be the first to open with a September 15 debut.


Apple has now officially confirmed that opening date by posting a dedicated page for the store advertising the 10:00 AM opening on Saturday, September 15. Sweden will become the 14th country to host at least one Apple retail store, with the company counting China and Hong Kong as separate markets.

Article Link: Apple Confirms September 15 Opening for First Swedish Store


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Mar 19, 2011

Got the Apple marketing email an hour ago about the new store to open in Täby (Stockholm) on the 15th. Wonder if the Mac Forum store in Gothenburg (Official Apple retail distributors in the absence of offical Apple stores) will eventually get bought out and made into Apple stores. They've got a ready made work force, and are themed after Apple stores already...


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Jan 8, 2008
Up north
Steve's eye for beautiful typography would have hated the ugly kerning on the numbers of this "sign". Just look at the spaces between "1 5", "20 1 2" and "1 0.00".
And oh, I hate it too.


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Mar 19, 2011
Gosh I wonder if they would have something new to launch that would make that opening extra special :rolleyes:

It would be the first time ever that Sweden would be included in the first wave of release countries if that's the case. I highly doubt it, it is too small a market, but it would be a nice surprise. We will be included in the second wave as usual.


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Oct 21, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
Sitting in line at the Grand Opening of Sweden's first Apple Store. There is a small line of approximately 150 people at this point, just over an hour from opening of the doors. The store is filled with blu-shirted Apple Geniuses who appear just as curious about the crowd as we are about the store.

From the talk in the crowd, most people are only planning to purchase small accessories such as cables and adapters in preparation for the iPhone 5 release next month. One poor soul mentioned buying a 4S and was readily convinced by the others around her to wait for the iPhone 5. Will post pics of the t-shirt once I get it in 56 minutes.

Edit: Added a pic of the t-shirt given at the event. Pretty plain and boring in comparison with the Barcelona t-shirt.


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Apr 19, 2004
Oslo, Norway
Nice, for those living in Sweden!
About time Apple expanded into Scandinavia as well, and lets hope they cross the boarder into Norway soon... :rolleyes:


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Apr 14, 2007
I get to know about this here only. Nice.

Well, if you don't watch TV, read newspapers or visit news websites, how do you expect to keep up to date with local happenings? ;)
The store was decently covered by media.
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