Apple Confirms Suppliers Do Not Use Unethically Sourced Tantalum

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    Apple today published its 2014 Supplier Responsibility Report, releasing the results of its supplier audit program for 2013 and confirming that its partners only use ethically sourced tantalum, which is a primary metal used in electronic components that can be also be mined from war-torn regions in Africa.

    Apple's senior vice president of operations Jeff Williams, also spoke to The Wall Street Journal on the matter:
    The gathering of tantalum, along with other minerals such as gold and tungsten, has become a controversial subject in the tech industry due to their sourcing at mines blamed for funding conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Apple added in its report that it will continue to support conflict-free supply lines and economic development in the region instead of abandoning the questionable minerals.

    Apple's report also noted a number of other achievements for 2013, including driving suppliers to achieve a 95% compliance rate with the company's standard maximum 60-hour workweek, requiring suppliers to reimburse $3.9 million in excess foreign contract worker fees, and tracking the weekly work hours for over 1 million supply chain workers.

    In its Supplier Responsibility Report for 2012 published last year, Apple revealed that it had dropped one of its suppliers in China after finding evidence of 74 underage workers at one facility.

    Article Link: Apple Confirms Suppliers Do Not Use Unethically Sourced Tantalum
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    Apple state
    Dat iPad Mac Pro doh


    Biggest stylus I've ever seen too.
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    Ah, yes, one can deduce just about anything by holding something while wearing a surgical mask and gloves. :p
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    Is Tantalum what the humans will be trying to take from Pandora in Avatar 2?

    It does sound tantalizing...
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    Both the above [Edit: removed one - the admin changed it in the article] sentences as written suggest that Apple does not use this metal at all. Whereas, Apple's own statement suggests that they use it, but only from reputable suppliers.

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    It's #73 and next to famous Tungsten which I think is the reason must people that learnt the table before the conflict began don't remember it.


    They meant Conflict mined tantalum. The way they wrote it is similar to people saying they don't buy conflict diamonds or conflict mineral diamond
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    mm.... in the first, u missed the word, 'conflict'. in the second, u missed the 'war torn africa...'
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    Right... or so they say. The devil is always in the details. They say the same thing about working conditions, and yet it's debatable.

    And of course, cassiterite, gold, wolframite, tungsten... are another story.

    According to international NGOs that handle the matter, no electronics manufacturer has their hands clean on this. Specially when it comes to mobile phones.
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    I really don't care where the tantalum for my Macbook comes from.
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    Which makes you a perfect example of what is wrong with the world today.
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    The most important question:

    Do regular Africans get any benefit from the mining of the innumerable minerals that the world depends on for various electronics?

    The whole question of "conflict" diamonds or "conflict" tantalum or "conflict" this or "conflict" that is pretty irrelevant, considering the entire sub-saharan region has been getting raped of it's resources for centuries.

    Where is the freaking social responsibility to make sure that a continent as rich in minerals as Africa, actually benefits in some tangible way from what is mostly western corporations taking stuff?
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    BTW -> Is he/she holding the new "giant" Ipad? :cool: I would love it!!
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    More likely a MacBook of some kind. The apple logo is the wrong orientation for an iPad. It should be vertical for an iPad, not horizontal like the MacBooks.
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    This is me not insulting you for stupidity or ignorance. :cool:


    I suggest reading the [disappearing spoon]( lots of info on the histories on wars of all the different elements.
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    If like me you opened this article on an iPhone and were not looking directly at the pic, you may be forgiven for thing it is a pic if Kermit the Frog holding a MacBook.
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    No need to throw a tantalum!
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    That's a shame.
    As I held the article open on my Galaxy S4 I was easily able to see the technician holding the larger iPad.

    Maybe if Apple released a bigger phone you could see it more clearly LOL :)
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    Not even remotely funny... :rolleyes:
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    Where'd Samsung get it's tantalum from?
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    Is it me or was the title of the article here at Macrumors terrible? Why would you basically use a double negative to say "Do Not" and then "Unethically"....

    Why wouldn't we just say "Apple confirms Suppliers use Ethically Sourced Tantalum"?
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    hahaha probably unethically!

    Hey man, I was just having some fun with the poster, all in good fun.


    Oh I think there's a HINT of funny in there, cmon man lighten up! It's almost Friday!
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    I want one...
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    A device that you could prolong its life easier with would help.... like having the ability to put a battery in it. Docking cables that last more than a week and don't have chips in them for the landfill. Everything bonded with glue making it very difficult for after market repairs. Having large supplier chain in less environmentally regulated regimes is passing the buck. When Apple introduce a truly modular designs, then we can tick some green boxes.

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