Apple Consumer Complaint / Customer Service

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    Apple Consumer Complaint / Customer Service

    Well, where do I start and a bad few weeks with Apple. I hope someone at Apple will read this letter.

    Notes from July 11th:

    I became an Apple consumer about 8 years ago and prior I was a Microsoft and Dell consumer big time. Not to bore everyone but after many years of poor customer service with Microsoft and Dell, blaming each other for years on every issue including: tech issue, drivers, etc and also waiting on hold for hours on end, I became an Apple lover after walking into my first apple store with a Cannon camera that I could not get to recognize on my PC, within minutes in the Apple store with a friendly and helpful associate, he had the camera connected, downloading and editing from my camera in no time. From that day to about 2 months ago I was a APPLE FAN, I THOUGHT FOR LIFE, NOT!!

    My experience with Apple especially with the Aventura Florida Apple Store in the Aventura Mall Store and also Apple care in the past 2 months stinks!

    For one, the Aventura Apple Store is poorly run, rude management that do not care for anything except the bottom line $$$$. This was not the case until the last 6 months or so. Also, Apple Care is not what it used to be either, hold times are much longer, the run around with voicemail sucks and Apple Care representative not very knowledgeable unless you finally get to a manager, sounds like Microsoft years ago.

    Second, not only am I a business customer and have purchase and own almost everything Apple makes including all the newest Apple product that was just release: Macbook Air 13", i7 processor top of the line, 2 new 3T time capsules, 12 iMacs and so much more Also, I am a so called "Joint Venture" customer $500.00 per year now for 2 years and have only used it twice!

    Not only major issues with my Iphone5 lately which the store manager blames on software (sounds like Microsoft and Dell) but I took my IMac27" for a hard drive recall. This experience in the past 3 days has been a disaster with the Aventura Apple Store, it's service and management! Apple is starting to be like Microsoft. After setting up an appointment with Joint Ventura which I was not treated any differently, I dropped off my IMac27 and made sure I understood the process and received a promise from not only from the Genius Bar representative but also a manager that my hard drive would be replaced and they would 100% make sure all my data would be installed. The quote from the manager was "I would receive my Mac back like it never was in for service" Wrong !!

    I had called the store right after receiving an email stating my Mac was ready for pickup but after a quick conversation and a 5 minute hold with the business team, I found that only the operating system was installed so they asked me to wait until they called me back and they had time to install all my data. At 8pm, I received a call stating its ready so I went and pickup up my Mac to take home.

    After getting home, not only was my Mac not working but I found many scratched all around the case! They noted on the ticket when I dropped it off that the MAC had not visible damage. The biggest issue was I am not able to login to the operating system. I called the Apple store and was treated so poorly and they told me just to call Apple Care and then hung up in my face! I guess they are making too much money in this store.

    After being on the phone with Apple Care for more than an hour and much trouble shooting with a senior manager "Candy" who was nice polite and helpful. She stated that parts of the operating system are missing from my system!

    So now, I need to take it back to the poorly operated Aventura Apple Store to get treated poorly again. Wasting my time but does the Aventura Apple Store care, NO!

    Supposedly, Candy will contact me Monday to setup a appointment because I will not go to this store again until someone from Apple Corporate calls me!

    It's sad, the Apple Business team calls me every month to sell me more Apple product and it seems that the faces/employees in the business department never are the same. All they seem to care about is the bottom line and Customer Service has gone by the wayside. There are so many other problems I have not discussed but maybe another time, because it would take a book and hours to write.

    Its too bad because I do not think I will keep purchasing Apple products much longer if especially if the Aventura Mall Apple Store does not get their act together.

    Oh by the way. a quote from one of the managers which really shows his ego and poor customer relations:
    "My Store is the 5th producing Apple Store in the world"

    Well, I can promise you with his attitude and his management skills that could change very quickly. Customer Service is what keeps customers coming back.

    New Notes on Thursday July 18th:

    • The Apple Store in Miami Beach Lincoln Road found many issue including that the "Password" part of the login is 100% defective. In front of me and my girlfriend, Morgan (Genius Rep) tried to reprogram my passwords but something is wrong with the operating system, even the "Guest" Login is corrupt. Please note that the Aventura Store Manager advised me Monday that it was my problem, it was impossible and I had forgotten my passwords, he owes me an apology!!! Also, remember one of the associates at the Aventura Store told me I was wrong and to call Apple Care and she even hung up in my face. They owe me an apology.

    • Morgan also tried to get into the operating system and could not even get to the desktop. The Aventura Store did not check their work because their are too my problems with my system that was working perfectly prior to my service. She is going to install a new hard rive and install the OS again. I hope I do not loose all my programs and data!!

    The Miami Beach store has called me 3 times, kept me informed, very polite and no attitude or ego!

    Morgan has been awesome so far! This is the Apple I know and how the Aventura store use to be like.

    The Aventura Store Manager owes me an apology for their mistakes and blaming it on me.

    Just my thoughts

    Scott Patterson from Miami Fl.
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    Just so you know, this website isn't owned or operated by AAPL.
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    Sorry to hear that. It's always frustrating to go through the repair process when the store doesn't accommodate the customer.

    One thing to note is that Apple does not read these forums and if you want to tell them about your experience, you can always let them know at

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