Apple = Consumer friendly company?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by mdntcallr, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I have have been a mac/apple user for over 20 years, but i am getting concerned by recent changes in how Apple is charging and over-charging customers. recently they are willing to charge for formerly free>

    What do you think about the changes apple is making? and on pricing?

    1- overpricing memory and hard drives
    2- charging for an software update and blaming that charge on "gov't accounting procedures"
    3- removing an included "free" remote control from laptop packaging and charging $19 at retail for it
    4- removing the integrated modem from laptops and forcing consumers to buy one for $49

    at this rate Apple would trade off iPhone 3G extra costs by charging more for the device and not including a) headset and b) usb charger, and instead charging $19 for headset and $29 for usb charger and cable

    remember that Apple also charges a good amount for Macbook's and other models which have Intel integrated graphics chips. Apple is decidely sticking with cheap integrated GPU's which cost only a tiny bit less than real graphics chips. for the money people are paying, a nice basic-mid range graphics chip for even the most basic mac mini higher end model.

    Game and other developers lament the low end graphics on the majority of consumer systems.

    What do you think about apple's quest for extreme profits and margins.
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    The question wasn't ridiculous until you got to #4. That's just smart, yanking out a piece of arcane technology, freeing up space, power, etc. AOL folks living in the boonies can buy a USB modem.

    #3 - Obviously, most of the remotes end up like three of mine... I have no idea where they are, and would have no use for them if I could find them. I'll bet lots got thrown away with the packaging. Want one? $20.

    #2 - Not everything you don't understand is bad.

    #1 - "Market pricing". Some folks would consider identifying, ordering and installing RAM from OWC to be a cross between brain-surgery and counterfeiting. Apple happily sells them RAM at a price they find mutually agreeable.
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