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    Is Apple slowly getting together Macbook and Air line ?

    Based on the MBA has not seen an update since last year, and the Macbook (12-inch) has 'pro' level features with the thinnest of the MBA it probably makes sens eo just get rid of the Air in favor for this new machine, but the only thing limiting is not really USB-C,, It's the price.... and although its clocked at lower speed the price would be that from having the Retina display of Pro machines..

    Do you think Apple will veer off target and give users an option of lower spec (non-retina, thin design, like the Air) or is this just "what u get now" ?

    converge of Pro and Air lines, but at a high price tag. Not applicable to all, particularly those who just want a budget laptop machine only.

    Since the 11-inch MBA has been discontinued brand new, and the only option is the 13-inch, this makes me wonder how long is left for this as would Apple would kill this off as well, since u have the 12-inch which is more that offers both worlds.

    * Perhaps this is what Apple means by 'courage'

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