Apple corprate life....not so good


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Aug 10, 2004
New Haven, CT

One of my friends used to work for Apple in Sacramento. After a year he quit. Was wondering why, but after reading the survey, maybe I know...


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Feb 2, 2002
yeah, unfortunately Apple probably couldn't compete in today's marketplace unless they played by some of the industry rules, just because they make killer products doesn't mean there aren't dead-end, high-turnover jobs with miserable people. I'd be curious to see more interviews with designers/engineers/programmers, the people Apple expects to be their cutting-edge innovators, I'll bet they see a more generous, nurturing "parent" than the cold corporation that customer service, operations, and retail people see...


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Apr 9, 2003
AppleInsider has an article on this so yuo don't have to sign up for the Vault.

I like the one guy who said he wore sweatpants everyday and went barefoot at the office, and they he wondered why he didn't get promoted.

Les Kern

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Apr 26, 2002
Having worked in the corporate world, I can say without a doubt that at times and for many people,it's hell on earth. I was one of those people.So if I was interviewed, I might say that about any company. Corporate life is NOT for me. Apple is not immune to disgruntled workers, and the fact that it's percieved as some kind of "Mothership" belittles the fact they are still a multi-national company run by humans. So my point I guess I have to eventually get to (!) Is that anecdotal evidence, and not an exaustive study, is worse than pointless. Any company is as good as the sum of their parts, and Apple has plenty of good parts. I worked for Johnson and Johnson. WORST run plant I have EVER seen. But the company? Overall rated as one of the best companies to work for because of extreme efforts to help their emplyees, like with free day-care and superb health coverage. That hellish job bought my house and paid $50,000.00 to have my daughter born, while I paid a total of $200.00. I will always be grateful to them. Throw the blogs and the posts of former Apple workers in the trash.


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Jun 13, 2004
Are you all just reading the excerpts? I clicked the link to read more, but you have to have a subscription.
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