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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by loby, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Jul 1, 2010
    In all of my years in computing, I have never been treated like a "King" from customer service as I was recently from Apple.

    Here's the story:

    I have a first generation Mac Air (which I adore) and read on the forum about Apple's policy concerning the screen handle issue and its free repair. The Genius was surprised at how clean and in good shape my Macbook Air was in. I had a delightful discussion with the Genius and told him how much I adore my first generation Air. I also asked how much it would cost to replace the top outer housing of the lid, for I had a few small dents from usage which might have caused the hinge issue regardless of the design issue.

    I was honest with him and did not want to blame the issue totally on the miscalculated hinge design. My warranty was well over its expiration and knew it would be costly.

    The Genius informed me that because of the design of the Air, I would have to replace the entire top housing along with the screen...It's cost: about $450.

    I was a little sadden, and thought it would be wiser to just buy the new Macbook Air when I could afford it...but I prefer the original design more so than the "new" upgraded Ram, CPU, battery back lit keys or the USB flip hatch (I like). My 1.8 Duo 2 Core, 2 gig Ram Rev. A system with 64 Solid state Hard drive still is "sexier" and does the job! :)

    The Genius went back to the tech for a few minutes and came back and said that they would replace the entire top. along with a new screen at No Cost.... !?! I was surprise....and shocked...(still).

    In just a few days, my first generation Macbook Air had been transformed to a brand new looking Macbook Air! The only slight difference is the color of the new inside housing (which is a little more silver than my original), AND I am not complaining.

    Thank you Steve Jobs for your consistent service in backing up your "superior" products. I have worked with many laptops and computers in my day, and the Macbook Air is the "perfection" and the top of the Laptop age.

    It can be no better! ;)
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    Jan 3, 2011
    Sydney, Australia
    That's really good to hear. I've found that Apple's post-sales support to be very helpful and they seem to be empowered to do what they can to keep loyal customers loyal.

    For example, I ordered a brand new iTouch 4G at launch for my girlfriend for our anniversary... but due to my Apple profile having my office GPO box as the address, it was unable to be delivered. For some reason, noone acted upon this and the package was left in limbo and about 3 weeks after ordering I called up and they realised the situation. Apple kindly offered me a $50 refund off the bat when I said I wasn't too happy because I could've just bought it in the Apple Store rather than online at launch since it would've been faster/easier!

    Another time, I ordered a photo book (again for an anniversary gift!) but it arrived after 25 days from ordering- which was a lot longer than the promised delivery time. Apple fully refunded me the amount without asking any questions.

    Overall I'm pretty impressed with Apple customer care and it has led me to be a very loyal customer (buying several more photo books, and the new MBA).

    ps. Note I always got items delivered to my office in the Sydney CBD.

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