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    I still consider myself a fresh Mac user compared to a lot of people on here with XX amount of years experience. I started out with a Macbook Pro 2.16 back in 2007 and have since moved to the new Aluminum Macbook 2.4. Been lovin' it ever since.

    Anyways last winter I sold off the MBP and got the new Aluminum Macbook 2.4 with the 4GB RAM. This was the time when the new Macbooks were released. And like everyone else's MB's at the time... Mine came straight from the sweatshops in China. When it arrived I immediately noticed several (at least 5 noticeable, there were a few smaller ones but those were not noticeable unless u went right up at the monitor) dead pixels. This was unacceptable, so I called in Apple and told them I wanted a new one. First customer service rep, forwarded me to Apple Care. I was thinking... Why the heck would I need to go to Apple Care... They handle warranties and stuff, so I figure it makes sense... So I spent a good 45 minutes on hold and finally got on the line with Apple Care dude. He said ok whats the problem, bla bla bla, do this and that (like resetting the MB and taking out the battery, etc... standard stuff). No change. Ok, so they tell me send it back to get repaired. At that time I knew where this was going. I bought the Macbook New and expect a new replacement as i did not even have the MB for more than 2 hours, but Apple was trying to pass the buck and cheap out of giving me a new replacement. I told them of my situation. I had several weddings to cover out of town, in the next few days (I'm a part-time photog). Since I had ordered the Macbook from online and it arrived 2 days before the first shoot, I figured I was all good to go. Little did I know that the Macbook was second rate (based on the poor LCD). So i told them. If I didn't get a Macbook within my hands within the next 2 days, I'd either have to purchase one locally (since the new Macbooks were just released and stocks were limited and not all the stores in my city had them in stock right away, I'd have to settle for a PC based laptop or at least an older Macbook) or I'd have to cancel some shoots... both options would come at an extreme inconvenience to myself. I told them I shouldn't have to suffer because of the poor quality control of the product I received. I told them I want a replacement shipped to me asap and I would send the defective one back to them as soon as I received the new one. No cigar. They wanted me to send it back before they sent a new one out, which would take up to 4 days for the whole thing to go through, at that was totally unacceptable because I had 2 days left until my first set of shoots. What bugged me the most is the Apple Care dude kept telling me to send it in for repairs. My thinking... I bought the MB new and I didn't buy it to only have to send it back for repairs in less than 2 hours of having it. The Apple Care dude was totally understanding but really he didn't know what to do other then to tell me send it back for repairs, im guessing he was reading off a script or something. When I asked for a replacement, he's like just send it back for repairs. Anyways I explained to him that what he's suggesting is totally unfair and considered to be shady business practice. I mean I bought the MB new, no question about that. I asked him, do you buy something new to have it sent back right away to get repaired? He said no. Maybe this guy was a little slow, but I didn't hold it against him and I kept my cool. I told him, I was being treated unfairly because I paid the same money as any other customer that bought the new Macbook but there's would have a LCD with no dead pixels (majority), I shouldn't have to put up with it and its unfair. And even if I do send it in for repairs. I'd be getting a "refurbrished" product back when really I bought a new product.

    Anyways, after about another 45 min of drilling this into the guy. I told him, its obvious that you aren't able or do not have the authority to help me, so please let me talk to your supervisor/manager. He asked me why and was clearly concerned that I was about to complain about his treatment of my case, which is not my intention. I told him that I wanted to talk to his boss because I want to get a full refund/exchange for my new Macbook purchase which was clearly warranted because I was not satisfied with the new product I had received. So he ends up saying... Oh you have to call Sales... >__< which apparently was the first customer service rep I had called at the very beginning. I was inferiorated cuz they had pretty much wasted my time with sending me to Apple Care... At that point I said, but the Sales guy forwarded me to you, what's going on!?!?!? I just want the same New Macbook that I paid for and that everyone else has been getting... without the numerous amount of dead pixels. Puts me on hold. Waited about 10 minutes. New Sales guy comes on and asks me what the problem is. At this point I had wasted quite a bit of time on the phone without any progress so I was a bit steamed. I told him. You have my case and all the info right on your screen, I want a full refund and exchange on my Macbook, I'm not satisfied with the one that was shipped out to me because of the numerous dead pixels.

    So he's like ok, i will have to talk to my supervisor. On hold again... about another 15 minutes, he comes on and says that his supervisor said its ok but he needs to get approval/authorization from someone else. So at this point, a bit of relief has come over me... I'm on hold for about 30 minutes. Finally sales guy comes back and says. Sir your refund and exchange has been approved, we're very sorry for your inconvenience this has caused to your business we are shipping it next day delivery (unfortunately it was a Friday so it wouldnt come to me until Monday, i wouldnt have it in time for my first shoot), in the meantime you can keep and use the current Macbook and can ship it back when you receive the new one. It was like a miracle... Not only did they send me a replacement but they also let me use the one I had to do my job, which I thought was a real stand up act and right thing to do on their part.

    They sent me the shipping labels right away to send it back when ready.

    So when the day came when I had to do my shoot, I had used the defective MB for my first shoot (just to transfer photos and stuff), got my new MB on the Monday with no problems with it (Amen...).

    My credit card bill comes in near the end of the month. I look and to much astonishment... Apple had credited me the cost of the new Macbook.

    So to break it down... Paid $2000... Received New Macbook... Received $2000 credit... I was like holy! I got a free new Macbook. But not so fast. I was like they probably made a mistake or just havent billed me yet for the new one. Waited for next bill. Nothing. What did come in the mail was an invoice/receipt from Apple saying they received the defective macbook, sent new one and refunded my money. So its official.

    Woohoo! I consider myself extremely lucky in this case. I've heard horrors stories about Apple customer service, but this really made my day. It's been nearly 6 months now and I have been happy with my Macbook. Ended up swapping a Seagate 320 7200 HD into it, lovin' it.

    I know this is probably a very rare/isolated incident, but I just thought I'd share... Apple does care about its customers.
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    you wree lucky to get a free one
    second smaller paragraphs makes it easier to read.
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    Oct 24, 2007

    But i'd still wait on that bill. Knock on every available piece of wood right now :p
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    Nov 26, 2008
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    And keep knocking until the auditors complete the fiscal year end account summaries! ;)
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    you're very lucky. even if they do charge you later on, at least you didn't pay immediately. but if you actually do get it for free, you're dang lucky.
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    You won't be getting it for free - they'll get back to you on that at some point.

    But good job getting through to them, disappointing it takes so long to knock sense into some of these people..

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