Apple damaged my PowerBook


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Sep 3, 2005
Pacific Northwest
My powerbook, was overheating, the HD died, so I sent it in for repairs. They repair the MLB, fan thermostat and HD.

I got the computer back to find, screw driver gouges, scratches, and worse of all they bent the metal above the DVD down from the plastic rim, dvd don't go in and out smovely.

I am currently in Germany, and had to beg apple to send the computer to tier 2. They mailed me a box. The powerbook was shipped to Birmingham UK. It was fixed and mailed back, whole process takes to weeks.

So I cooled apple back to complain, and they wanted me to resend it in. I said, no, wait another 2 weeks. Also when you call Applecare in Germany it cost 12 euro cents ($0.16) a minute. I then called Applecare in the USA, it only cost me 4 ($0.05)euro cents to call the usa. I moving back to California in less than one month.

When I get back, I have it set up to mail in and get fixed they.

I was very dissappointed, on the work done. I would of thought that the repair technician would of known how to open a PowerBook with out forces, scratching etc.


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Mar 9, 2002
If it went to the Apple Store Birmingham, then I'm not surprised... my old TiBook went in for repair last year, they didn't fix it properly the first time, and the second time it came back scratched, with a screw missing and the problem again hadn't been sorted properly... so I understand your pain there.

Earlier this year Apple replaced my TiBook with a 1,67GHz DL SD PowerBook, and after first having to be sent back to have the horizontal lines issues fixed, I had to send it in again to have the diagonal moving lines fixed, it came back with several dents, scratches and a gouge. Oh and they hadn't solved the problem either :rolleyes: Though that one was sent to Apple's Telford Campus. :rolleyes:

Emailed the girl at Apple that had been helping me since January, and she arranged to have it replaced with a MacBook Pro. :D