Apple Debuts AppleCare+ for iPad with Accidental Damage Coverage

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 7, 2012.

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    In line with our report from late yesterday about a new AppleCare+ extended warranty program for iPad, Apple has indeed introduced the new program with accidental damage coverage today. Availability is listed as "coming soon".
    Priced at $99 in the United States, AppleCare+ for iPad must be purchased within 30 days of the date of purchase for the covered iPad. AppleCare+ purchases made separate from the iPad purchase must be made at an Apple retail store in order to verify the device purchase date and condition of the device.

    Article Link: Apple Debuts AppleCare+ for iPad with Accidental Damage Coverage
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    With the next iPad coming out in a year or so, I think I'll take my chances and skip on AppleCare+
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    I asked on another thread, but I will repost here.

    I live about 5 hours away from an apple retail store. According to the AppleCare+ web page, if AppleCare is not offered at the time of purchase, I can purchase it within 30 days. I need to have a genius verify the condition of the iPad though.

    Ok, so how do I verify my iPad so I can buy AppleCare+ since I live so far away from an apple retail store? Am i simply not allowed to order it from the store? Can I FaceTime apple or something so they can verify the condition of the iPad?

    This policy is the same as the iPhone 4s AppleCare+, how did apple deal with the requirement on that device?

    Needless to say, I plan on ordering both direct from apple just to ensure I don't have any issues, but this info might help others who purchase an iPad (or receive as a gift) then wish to purchase AppleCare+ protection.
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    I spent all morning 'trying' to get into the apple store. Finally decided to call them, while on hold I was able to drive to the local apple store and be told they were not taking pre-orders..worth a punt back to office and eventually phone got through and order placed..i was told that applecare was available for 99$ and only available when you order the ipad..I declined not worth it if you ask me 99$ too dear for $600 product.
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    Mar 7, 2012
    Applecare+ should be included with purchase

    I don't think its worth spending an additional $100.00 on Applecare+ even though now it includes Accidental Damage. I've had my iPad 2 since Release Day last March and its still in Excellent Condition. I could use that $100.00 on Accessories and the App Store!

    Apple Should Include the Applecare+ with the iPad purchase, and not having the customer to spend an additional $100 dollars!!!
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    AppleCare+ not worth for iPad nor iPhone

    So you pay $149 plus taxes for 1 incident, you can find repair shops that will actually fix your iDevice in just 30 minutes (no lines like Apple Stores and not replace the device like Apple does and then you need to setup again the new one) and the private shops will charge for your repair half the price that Apple charges for their extended warranty.

    I have done that and it works like a charm and you save bucks.

    AppleCare+ is just not worth it .
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    You can't. they won't let you buy AppleCare+ if they can't see the iPad and make sure it turns on and isn't already damaged.

    Sure. Order it with your iPad.


    Same rules. Buy it at time of purchase or you have to go in for an appointment.

    The best you might be able to do is find an Apple Authorized Sales and Repair shop in your area and maybe they can do the verification etc for you. I would call the AppleCare 800 number and ask them. If that will work they can probably tell you a shop to go to
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    Mar 14, 2012
    AppleCare+ sounds great. But why not free offered ?

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