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Apr 12, 2001

Just yesterday, Apple told its retail staff in the United States and Europe that it would start bringing back some in-person Today at Apple classes starting on August 30, but now Apple has reversed course.


In-person Today at Apple sessions will no longer be resuming at this time, with Apple putting in-person classes off because of the ongoing rise of the Delta variant across the United States and other countries.

Apple yesterday was taking reservations for in-person classes at some store locations, but as of now, all of those in-person reservations are gone and Apple is only offering virtual sessions.

Apple retail stores have been open since earlier this year and there are no plans to close stores again, but Apple recently reinstated a mask mandate that requires customers visiting most retail stores in the United States to wear a mask. Apple had dropped mask mandates for vaccinated customers in June, but brought them back in areas heavily impacted by the Delta variant of COVID-19.

In addition to pushing back Today at Apple classes, Apple is also ramping up COVID testing of both retail and corporate employees, reports Bloomberg. Employees who participate in Apple's at-home testing program will now receive testing kits twice per week instead of once per week.

"With the emergence of more contagious variants like delta, we believe that more frequent testing will better protect you and everyone at Apple," reads a memo to employees. "Beginning Aug. 16, Quest will be sending you two mail-in test kits per week instead of one."

Apple later plans to expand testing to three times per week for employees in some offices, but there is no mandate for testing or vaccinations. Apple originally planned to bring back corporate employees in September, and later pushed that back until at least October.

Article Link: Apple Decides Not to Bring Back In-Person 'Today at Apple' Classes on August 30


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Mar 2, 2012
Westchester, NY
The thing is… if not now, when? Everyone has had enough time to get vaccinated if desired, so it’s a personal decision and there’s no “spreading responsibility”. What are they waiting for?
I’m guessing we’re going to go through one flu season with the vaccines and see what happens, then go from there. That’s the ultimate test.
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Jan 6, 2004
...good thing healthy kids dying is insanely rare
Yes, it's a good thing.

But an increasing number of them are getting infected and hospitalized. And we don't yet know what the long term health consequences are of getting Covid-19



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Nov 30, 2013
Gotta be in it to win it
Seems like some Apple Super Brain noticed that dead customers doesn’t make to profit.
Sorry, but this post wins the stupid comment of the day award. As I said previously, they are probably following the guidelines on a day to day basis for the locations they have stores. Information is changing rapidly and they made a decision on the ever evolving information.
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Amazing Iceman

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Nov 8, 2008
Florida, U.S.A.
...good thing healthy kids dying is insanely higher chance of getting struck by lightning if you are a healthy person under 18.
Not anymore. The new strains, like the Delta are getting to the younger population. Here in Florida a lot of younger people are getting it. Even if they don’t die, the side effects are remaining for longer than expected.

Some people may say that 335 casualties may not seem like a lot, but put them all together and it is a lot of children. And some will only take it seriously if it‘s a friend or relative.


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Jun 27, 2007
I love how just yesterday people on here said there’s no way they’d reverse course and a guy said that the virus is going away soon without offering any explanation. Come on people, use your heads.
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