Apple Declines to Invest in Intellectual Ventures' Patent Buying Fund

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    After collaborating with patent buying company Intellectual Ventures to purchase Kodak patents in 2012, Apple is now rebuffing offers by IV to invest in is latest patent acquisition fund, reports Reuters. Though both Apple and Intel have declined to participate, rivals Microsoft and Sony have been persuaded to contribute to a new round of patent buying.
    Intellectual Ventures is one of the top five patent owners in the U.S. and has a portfolio of over 70,000 patents and intellectual property assets. The company has raised $6 billion for patents and is courting investors like Apple to raise an additional $3 billion.

    Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Intel have invested in Intellectual Ventures in the past, giving them access to IV's patent holdings and a portion of the royalties it collects. Apple didn't comment on its recent decision not to invest in IV, but one intellectual property expert believes it is not related to the company's recent efforts to influence patent legislation in the U.S.
    "The companies that are not investing in the fund have probably just found better uses for their money," Landers said.

    Apple recently joined the new Partnership for American Innovation, a patent reform lobbying group that includes DuPont, Ford, General Electric, IBM, Microsoft and Pfizer. The group is opposing recent patent reform legislation that they claim may hurt actual innovations that need patent protection.

    Article Link: Apple Declines to Invest in Intellectual Ventures' Patent Buying Fund
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    Any involvement by Apple in such a venture (with the use of patents as an offensive weapon, seeking to license or deliberately hinder competition, as opposed to defensive ('stealing'/taking 'heavy inspiration' from competitors) capability.) would be disastrous in terms of higher moral ground in the courts.
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    It sickens me that a company profits by sitting on patents. It's just as bad as the trolls who buy up numerous online sites and hold on to them, selling them for ridiculous amounts. It's lazy and benefits no one.
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    No it's called business. I buy stocks in hopes of a good ROI, a dividend or rise in prices. Buy a house and rent it out then sell it later. Buy low sell high. Franchises. Real estate. Why not patents?
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    They have the moral high ground in courts?
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    Apple bought in on the Kodak patents because those are relevant to Apple's business. I'm glad Apple bought what they needed and has no interest in supporting a patent troll.
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    I almost thought this was the same patent troll that was suing iPhone and Android developers left and right in the past... hmmm what was the name of that company..
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    Factually incorrect, it does benefit the hoarder.

    Sorry, in a smartypants mood this morning...

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    We definitely need changes to how patents are done, but this seems like a group of companies buying patents together and then setting up a company to hold them which I think is a bit better than just one company owning them.
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    Agreed. Welcome to unrestrained capitalist greed and speculation. Ethics has no place in capitalism, right? "The only ethical system" my ass.


    Yeah, the defense of unethical and society-destroying (market-destroying) behaviors by way of calling them "business". Why not patents? Because it defeats the entire point of patent law!! The system is so beyond broken.
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    They became one when they joined Rockstar

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