Apple Device Software Update File???

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    I've been attempting to clear some space on my harddrive, and came across some "Apple Device Software Update File" files on a search.

    What exactly are these for, and can I delete them? I did a quick search and only found this, which isn't what I need to know.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Oh and also while I'm here, what is "PCMWave" (at the bottom of the list)??? Location: Mac HD>System>Library>Speech>Voices>Alex.SpeechVoice>Contents>Resources>PCMWave
    Is this the file for Alex's voice? At over 200mb for a text file it is obviously something important/strange.

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    I recommend using CleanMyMac to get rid of some files on your Mac. It gets rid of files like caches, binaries and logs that are no longer needed, but are still there on your HDD. That 'Apple Device Software Update File' may pop up in one of the folders that CleanMyMac uses to separate files into their categories.

    The demo can delete up to 200MB of the files CleanMyMac finds.
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    Those files are your iPhone firmware files (so the 2.2.1 software, the 2.2 software, etc). You can delete them. If you need to do a restore it will just redownload the file from Apple again. It just makes it quicker doing a restore if you already have the file saved locally.

    Not sure what PCMWave is

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