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Apr 12, 2001

Apple appears to have discontinued the iPad Smart Cases and Smart Covers designed to fit the second, third, and fourth-generation iPads.

As noted by iLounge, Apple's Online Store is no longer offering the products online for shipping, but there are a limited number of cases and covers (in dark gray) that can be ordered for in store pickup. It is possible that retail stores may also have other colors as well, but the covers and cases for the older iPads can no longer be obtained online and will have a limited lifespan in stores too.

While it makes sense to discontinue the older varieties of Smart Cases and Covers to prevent customers from confusing them with the newer options developed for the iPad mini and the iPad Air, it is an odd move considering Apple still sells the iPad 2 to customers. The iPad 2 can only be used with a traditional Smart Cover or Smart Case, and is incompatible with the newly released iPad Air accessories.

Though Apple is no longer selling Smart Covers and Cases for the iPad 2 and other now-discontinued iPads, it does still list a number of third party options on its website. Currently, the remaining in-store Smart Cases are selling for $49, while the Smart Covers are available for $39.

Update: Apple is no longer listing the older Smart Covers as discontinued and is now offering them both in-store and shipped.

Article Link: Apple Discontinues Original Smart Cases and Covers Despite Continued Sales of iPad 2 [Updated]


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Jul 6, 2011
What a shame, the old iPad smart covers offered far better colours than the new ones.


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Oct 31, 2013
You can buy at purchase of the iPad

For anyone purchasing their iPad 2 from Apple they are still offered during the check out process as add-on accessories. Probably the best way to handle it to avoid the confusion for iPad Air / mini buyers.


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Mar 7, 2007
Midwest America.
But there is such a plethora of cases from third parties, I'm sure most people won't miss them... I've got three different colors, and they hang on my file cabinet by the magnets in them. They actually add a bit of color to the monolith in my office, and will probably stay there until...

They are kinda odd fashion statements, but anyway...


Yeah! If one is buying an iPad2, a cover is necessary to cover the shame! ;)

Why shame? Mine still works fine. It's the only one I have with cellular...


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Apr 1, 2007
The iPad 2 doesn't fit well in the Smart Case, anyway. The Smart Case came out when the thicker iPad 3 ("The New iPad") was released.


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Jun 17, 2009
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It is disrespectful to their consumer base, to discontinue accessories for hardware a company is still selling and is not yet discontinued.

Just like when they pull all the previous generation iPhone cases and accessories from the Apple Stores when they want you to upgrade, even though they still make and sell the previous generation iPhone.

Hey, but that's Apple....


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Nov 11, 2012
Windy City
No shame in still using an iPad 2. There is however, shame, in buying one for $399 when you can get a refurb iPad 4 for $379.

I agree. iPad 2 @ 399 is not the smartest buy, but I understand that there might be many consumers that are already stretching their budgets to get iPad 2 @ 399, and saving another $100 (more if accounting for tax) might be another several months before they could get one.
There is probably another group of customers that they are not aware of refurbished models, so iPad 4 refurb @ 379 is a moot point.

I was really hoping that the new iPad would push refurb prices further down, but I guess we will most likely have to wait for the first iPad Air to hit the refurb store. Right now it seems like the pricing is very compressed with ipad 2 @ 319, ipad 3 @ 359 and ipad 4 @ 379 - not much of a gap between 3 generations of ipad's. The refurb iPad 2 should really be priced @299 in my opinion.


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Jan 4, 2007
Oslo, Norway
Why does a 9 year old have an iPad?

My 8 year old has an iPad 2

My 6 year old has an iPad 2

My 4 year old has en iPod Touch

What's wrong? It's an amazing teaching platform. The 8-year old is already using it for his piano-practice, both note taking and browsing for songs.


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Feb 6, 2011
So we can agree A5 processor is the longest and most used chip used by Apple.
iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Apple TV, iPad Mini and they're still sold after so long!

Even more so than A4 and A6. Wow! :eek:
What's so special about this chip anyhow?


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Jan 24, 2013
British Columbia
iPad 2 is bad for the average consumer but not bad for everyone else.

Schools, restaurants, other places where a large ablet can be used without paying big money are quite liking the iPad 2.


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Jul 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
The iPad 2 sticks around for projects such as POS (point of sale/cash register) systems, kiosks, school tablets, etc. which is still overkill for these systems so an iPad 2 will do just fine for these purposes.


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Apr 20, 2007
For the hundreth time people ...the only reason the iPad 2 is still in the line is for education supply contracts. Lots of local school boards are under fire for bilking taxpayers out of millions for the folly of giving these to students. As long as it stays in the product line,the charge of "discontinued technology" can't be leveled which give the boards and apple a bit of cover for this scam. Its 399 because they can get it from institutions spending other peoples money. Thats what you as a taxpayer are paying for it. I doubt they will even stock them at most apple stores. It just has to stay in the line.

And yes it sucks they are discontinuing the covers. But that is always how it is at apple. Did you ever try finding a replacement case for an iPod the second the next generation came out? All of the third-party cases would get taken off the shelves at the apple store the second the new generation iPods came in.


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Jun 23, 2007
Why does a 9 year old have an iPad?

Because we live in a modern technology filled world and it's Important for all ages to understand it.

My 5 year old can use an ipad just fine. Great learning tool.
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