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Apr 4, 2010
Apple is not into budget phones. Its clear they're in the premium luxury brand category.

Even the 5C and SE when first released were not 'cheap' by any means, considering it was using older parts.

The $749 price tag is in line with other premium priced phones out there, and you get THIS YEAR's technology. I would consider this a win for Apple. They're trying not to compromise but gimping other phones in their lineup to give the BEST available features/performance for its existing and new customers alike. This is a great strategy and Apple will succeed with this

iPXR will have
- best battery life out of its current line up, besting even the iP XS Max
- this year's generation SoC and features like custom bokeh, new camera sensor as in the XS
- new LCD display with higher dynamic range and close to edge to edge as possible
- 6.1 inch screen, which is bigger than the X's 5.8 inch screen.
- multiple color options

iPXR will miss out on telephoto lens (not a dealbreaker, zooming in to take photos does not give the best quality photos anyhow), and no 3D touch (which nobody really cares about), and no OLED (for most this isn't a dealbreaker. I doubt a 13yo girl or a parent will care about LCD vs OLED).


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Jun 15, 2018
In 2015, 16 and 17 they released a $649 flagship but it wasn’t particularly exciting or new. I’m still not sure if I prefer something a touch more expensive full of new stuff (Xr) or something like the 8.
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