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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Diffused Mind™, Jan 16, 2006.

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    I've got an old 6100/66 DOS Compatible and i'm trying to install Windows 95 on it. It's the card with the 486DX2 (66Mhz) and 16MB of PC RAM (Mac has 72MB). However, once I install, it hangs on the "Getting ready to run Windows 95 for the first time..." screen. I let it run and eventually, it says 'Bad sector reading drive C: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail". If I hit A, it tells me it's safe to shut down my PC. If I hit retry, well, it goes back into it's cycle. Anyone have any ideas on how to make this thing work?
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    IIRC that card is not Windows 95 (or later for that matter :D ) compatible.

    Win 3.11 is the "ultimate OS" for it :p

    I assume you're just having fun with this stuff, so maybe you can find an older PCI Power Mac.
    There was a PCI version of a Pentium (166 MHz I thought it was) card for Power Macs which could run Win 95.
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    There are two versions of the PCI version, one is 12 inches and the other is 7. 3rd party companies made versions that were faster (I think you could get a 400 MHz version.) I don't think any are even close to being X compatible.

    For the record, Windows 98 will run on them. However, I don't think they are compatible with any 32-bit OS (NT, XP, etc)

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