Apple DVI to ADC Adapter with Mini Display port

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    Hello all

    I'm asking this question, because I've never ever seen a definite answer on any forums on the web and I want to see if I can get a definite answer today (sorry if I sound rude, i'm just stunned at the fact no one has really come up with one LOL)

    What I want to know is simple

    I have a mid 2009 13'' Unibody MacBook Pro

    with the MacBook Pro I have a mini-display port to DVI adaptor, which was connected to my Samsung monitor via DVI and worked perfectly, this monitor has now gone elsewhere in my house.

    I also have a 17'' Apple ADC Studio LCD Display connected into my Quicksilver G4 again working fine, but the G4 is sluggish, but I do really like its matching monitor.

    I'm intending to buy the fairly expensive Apple DVI to ADC Adapter and I am hoping to connect it to my 13'' MacBook Pro, through the mini display port interface is this possible and will it work?

    the only source of evidence I found was quite a while back of a photo with a new style macbook air connected to one of the larger 23'' ADC displays via its display port and that was apparently working. I've been told in theory this should work, because the adaptor other than providing a power source for the monitor isn't doing anything else, since ADC is still a DVI signal, its just apples proprietary version of it

    I hope someone can help

    kinds regards & thanks a lot Ryan
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    Even though this is a few months late, yes it will work. But you must be using the Apple ADC to DVI adapter. No other one will work.

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