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    Mar 5, 2008
    What I want to know is, while I listen to my music, if I receive an incomming call how do I send it straight to voicemail using the small whitebox on the apple earbud set?

    I know if I click it once it will answer the call. I'm just not sure on how to send the call to voicemail. Is it 2 quick clicks or press and hold? I just don't want to hang up on people. :D
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    Earbud Cord Switch

    Without close inspection, you’d have a hard time telling the iPhone’s white stereo earbuds apart from a regular iPod’s—but don’t get them mixed up. The iPhone’s earbuds have a tiny, embedded clicker/microphone partway down the right earbud cord.
    That’s right, “clicker/microphone.” The tiny bulge is the microphone for phone calls. But if you pinch the bulge, you’ll find that it clicks.
    • Pinch once to answer an incoming phone call. Pinch for a couple seconds to dump the call to voicemail. (You can also double-tap the Sleep/Wake switch on top of the iPhone to send the call to voicemail.)
    • During music or video playback, pinch once to pause the music; pinch again to resume playback.
    • During music playback, double-pinch to skip to the next song.

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