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    When I got my first iPad 2, I made the mistake of doing a one day sale and promptly learned there is such a thing as too high a price. eBay and Apple have a deal limiting sellers to one iPad 2 to attempt selling each week(whether it sells or not). I had lost my initial week to get top dollar for my in line wait.

    I did end up selling it on my wife's account, and between launch day and now I have a small collection (7 total). Tomorrow my preorder comes in, it is getting opened under the theory that this batch does not have screen bleeding. I went ahead and bought a second because my wife was wanting one too putting my inventory at 9, 6 of which are AT&T models (supposed to have 15 coming in), so I went ahead and dumped my 2 - 64GB 3G ATT's on eBay for $2400 BIN I had got when Apple had got their shipment in a week prior, and within minutes I had a sell to a 0 feedback person in the UK. I never got a payment, never got any contact from them, and today I noticed they are no longer a registered eBay user.

    I figure either it is someone who hates that I have so many or another seller trying to lockout other sellers for one more week. I figure it is more likely the later, but at this point anything is possible. I have to wait four whole days to get my eBay fees back and let Paypal finish their 3 attempts at payment which I know is just not going to happen. Still though that extra $450 would have paid for half my wife's 64.

    Not sure if I will take the 14 day return policy risk, or try for another quick sale (just return them to the store).

    So yeah, if you want to screw up eBay sellers - Apple has made that too easy.

    So I think I learned a lesson, nix buy it now, set the starting bid low enough I still make some funds that will encourage being able to offer it to a lower bidder.

    For any of you that have been selling on eBay, have you been bitten by this yet?

    Yeah I know I am asking for a beating on the forums because other areas have shortages, but I wait at the back of the line if I want another and if there are extras I get them. The city I am in has no trouble getting them in, though the stock sells out by noon'ish some days, really early others, if you can miss the first hour of work and get up early enough, you are guaranteed two.

    I mainly want to get rid of them before I get stuck with them.
    P.S. Mainly wanted to vent my frustrations.
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    Scalpers screwing other scalpers.

    Imagine that. :eek:

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