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    so i have had this question before: what is apple's employee discount and im sure others have asked this a bazillion times.
    so here it is provided by Noushy from Macrumors!

    Ok, lets set the record straight. There are 3 discounts regularly offered besides things like quarterly specials and in store discounts. There is the everyday 10% off anything in the store, period. The employee can purchase for friends, provided no reselling. Ok, number 2, online back of store ordering for friends and family, 15%, anything that is on the apple web site. However, sometimes when new items are out, and supplies are constrained, the employee site shows the item, but it is blacked out. This happened for the Nehalem mac pros for about 2 months. The ipad and iphone are never on this site. Ipod touches are for sale as are all ipods in general. Also all third party accessories are also 10% off. Oh and they are technically limited to 3 computers per year, technically. Finally personal purchases, one system per year, and as many apple accessories at 25% off, again back of store only online. They get bigger discounts on software, and applecare (33% off), and some other miscellaneous deals (like 50% off b&w in store promo). Now they don't technically check on every back of store purchases but employees don't want to get fired over this stuff.

    * KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS POSTED ORIGINALLY IN APRIL 2010 (there is a GREAT difference, and im sure Ipads are now on there too :p)

    so this confuses me a bit though. i am looking to get two (2) macbook pros [for my sis and me, generously paid for by my great dad!] and one (1) iPad [for me, with my own money, unless my dad agrees to paying for it]

    now i mentioned before that i have a friend who is an apple employee, well he 'isn't MY friend. he's the friend of my dad's friend, but we can get great deals from him too.. :p

    so my guess would be 10-15% off all these products right.

    so for the apple accessories (like cases and all) would i be eligible for the 10% or 15% (im just wondering :) ) my dad is going to visit his friend in a couple days so through him we will order, but i just wanted a range, so i can decide whether i should go with frys/ bestbuy etc. deals or apple deals.

    PS: my friends and i were just chatting, and they told me to get the accessories from amazon-- should i get it from amazon or would these retail stores or even apple itself be better?
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    hrmm, i don't know if the rules have changed but back in august 2009 i ordered a 15'' mbp msrp 1699 and paid only like 1200 ish.

    i had a good friend work in the apple store and i went in when they were closing so she could help "me" order. like you stated, every employee gets a certain discount on an item and on computers they are limited to 1 a year (or something like that). but instead of her doing it for me, she let me use the store computer myself and i inputed my own apple id in place of her employee id and it still registered. put in my cc info, 1 week later my mbp arrived at my house.

    i probably cheated the system a little bit but it was totally worth it.

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