Apple engineer knew of potential problems

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BrendonHuff, Jul 15, 2010.

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    "Though you probably haven't heard his name before, Ruben Caballero is a senior engineer and antenna expert at Apple. According to a report by Bloomberg that cites an unnamed source, Caballero told Apple executives last year that the iPhone 4's design could cause reception problems. The report also says that a carrier partner also voiced its worries on the matter. Somehow, though, none of that information made it to the public before now.
    If true, Apple's management could find itself in a sticky position. While there may or may not have been legal wrongdoing, there's still a good chance that the company's reputation could take a blow from the revelation that it knowingly put the iPhone on sale despite its flaws.
    Apple's full court press
    And so the ball is once again in Apple's court. There's been a variety of speculation as to what the company will say to the press on Friday, with theories ranging from a mea culpa and free bumpers for everyone, to a product recall, to nothing more than a reaffirmation of the company's current position that this is all simply a result of buggy software.
    Of course, much will also depend on Apple's still forthcoming software update and whether or not it actually fixes the problem."
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    Apple's engineers are "too picky" not to notice something like this. They have engineers oversee everything to find every little wrong thing. Every defective component is shipped back to the supplier for testing. All of this is done from Apple Cupertino.Then when the product is done, everything comes from Foxconn. Apple will never admit there was an initial problem. The easiest thing to say is that we didn't know.

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