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Apr 12, 2001

Apple engineers are slated to join in on several discussions covering display technology and augmented/virtual reality at Display Week, which is set to take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 22 to May 25.

Apple's Cheng Chen, a director of Display Optics and Platform Technologies, will kick off the event chairing a keynote session that covers three discussions: "OLED Leading to the New Experience of Display," "Reactive Displays: Unlocking Next-Generation VR/AR Visuals with Eye Tracking," and "Blue LEDs and Transformative Electronics for Developing Sustainable Smart Society," with speakers Deqiang Zhang (CEO of Visionox), Douglas Lanman (Director of Computational Imaging at Oculus Research), and Hiroshi Amano (Director of the Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics), respectively.


Engineers from Apple will also chair and co-chair a range of discussion sessions, outlined below:

[*]AR/VR I Display Systems
[*]OLED Driving and Compensation
[*]Micro-LED Epitaxial Semiconductor Materials & Manufacturing
[*]Image Processing (Display Electronics)
[*]Micro-LED Device Processing and Hetero-Integration
[*]Novel OLEDs
[*]Micro-LED System Integration and Applications
[*]Capacitive-Touch Displays
[*]Projection: Screen Technology
[*]QD Electroluminescence I
[*]Fingerprint Sensing and Optical Sensing Displays
[*]Color Gamut
[*]Enhancements to AR/VR

Apple engineers will also serve as moderators at two Monday seminars, including "SE-8: Artificial Intelligence: Image Recognition and Visual Understanding with Deep Learning Techniques" and "Quantum-Dot Displays: Advances and Outlook."

Apple has always been a notoriously secretive company, but over the course of the last several years, Apple has been loosening restrictions and allowing its engineers and researchers to publish papers and share their work in an effort to contribute to the research community. This decision also allows Apple to continue to attract top employees who might not otherwise join the company without being able to share their research.

The Display Week event is designed for and limited to professionals who are part of the display industry. It is hosted by the Society for Information Display and will be attended by many of the world's most prominent technology companies.

Article Link: Apple Engineers to Discuss AR/VR, Display Technology at Display Week in May


Dec 7, 2013
Here hoping to:

[*] “Rec.2100 12-bit Colour Gamut” and the progress to 16-bit colour variety.

[*] Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-White (RGBYW) Colour pixels from the conventional RGB to allow more colour separation and uniform brightness to white backgrounds for the age of emissive-display-technologies (OLED, Micro-LED, Quantum-Dots)
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Mar 20, 2014
I'm still waiting for a good 27-32" 4K IPS display with HDR and decent response time for gaming (for my PS4) and USB-C input (for my MBP). The current offerings aren't real HDR and have rather meh response times in practice vs what is advertised.


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Dec 14, 2016
Also recently added for Apple engineers:

*how to make a fox or poo talk
*how to develop an awful notifications system
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