Apple Episode IV - A New Hope

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by KoolStar, Mar 6, 2008.

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    I have always used Apple computers and love them to death. Recently I converted my parents to a new 24" iMac from their Windows Vista Basic Machine. Now that that is out of the way, all computers in the house are now Mac's. Here comes the story; the first router ever bought for the house was a Microsoft brand that came with a PCMCI wireless card. We bought this because my brother’s old G4 PowerBook did not come with an airport card (bought it from a friend and he ripped it out). So for a while this base station worked great, however it failed after only a year. I then bought a Linksys; It was good fairly reliable router for about 4 months if you call continuously dropping signal reliable. That was the second episode. I tried again with a Netgear, the problem then was that the signal was not reaching a great enough distance that was required, after only a mere 3 months it breaks down and quits. That brings me to a NEW HOPE. I finally decided after three previous routers, that an Airport Extreme was the answer. This was my last straw before going to a fully wired network. I bought it today, brought it home and right now I’m 3 houses down the road and I have over half signal with only 1 packet dropped out of 100. This router has far exceeded my expectations. Just as all of Apples products before have. I have a new hope that this is the solution to all my headaches. Sorry for the Geeky Starwars reference. Sorry for the terrible post to start I went and cleaned it up. It should not be proper to be on these forums.
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    Glad things are working out this time around. No worries in regards to your post title but watch your grammar, there were so many errors I had a tough time reading your post.
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