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    Sep 14, 2007
    Morning pals,

    I got my second Macbook in two years yesterday. My sister loved the first one so she started using it in Jan and hadn't given it back to me.

    In any case, I ordered via and got it in the mail yesterday. To my surprise, it came rather quickly (two days). However, upon very close inspection, I found two things that are more of an annoyance than anything else:

    1. The black bar on the LCD's edge (between where the LCD ends and the casing begins) is uneven. What I mean is that this black bar is thicker towards the bottom right and slimmer towards the top right. It basically expands as it goes down.

    2. The lcd / lid, when close doesn't allign properly with the base. It leaves a couple of mms on the left side uncovered, and naturally bulges out towards the right of the case.

    I called Apple today and I thought they would do a straight-exchange. But they recommended that I take the laptop to the Apple store tomorrow and they can somehow "fix" it.

    I just got it yesterday - had I bought it from CompUSA, i would have run back and exchanged it for a different macbook. But since that is not the case, does apple offer 100% no questions asked macbook exchange policy? or is the exchange based on the Apple store manager's decision? I really don't wanna have my macbook opened up two days after I get it, if I can get a different one without much hassle.

    i haven't ever tried to exchange anything from the apple store ever, so this will be a first.

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