Apple Expands iPhone Trade-In Program to Germany

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    After expanding to France and Canada last month, Apple’s iPhone trade-in program is now available in Apple Retail Stores throughout Germany, reports [Google Translation]. The launch of the program was spotted through the Apple Store app.

    The program allows customers to trade in an older iPhone model and receive a gift card worth up to EUR230, which may be used towards the purchase of a new iPhone. Apple promises customers that phones traded in will be responsibly recycled, offering a more environmentally friendly option than just simply throwing away a device.

    Apple’s iPhone recycling program debuted in the U.S. before the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c last year, and was established in the UK a few months later. The company also offers a mail-in recycling program that allows customers to send in their iPhone to receive credit.

    Thanks, Dominik!

    Article Link: Apple Expands iPhone Trade-In Program to Germany
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    you will always get more money from eBay, where the phones get re-used and hence a better result for yourself and the environment.

    even broken phones are likely to be purchased by people who can repair them, resulting in a win for the environment again.
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    Yea, and unlike eBay in the US (at least if all those eBay horror stories that you read here are real), eBay here in Germany is far less overrun by frauds. So far I've only had positive experience with selling and buying stuff (quite a bit of Apple hardware) there.
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    True--but still an ideal program for lazy people like me. :D
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    Just can't see a reason when I can get more online or sending it elsewhere. If we could do this before a launch/with apple paying closer to the market prices, then this would make sense to me.
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    Getting a new iPhone while trading in your old one seems pretty awesome to me.
    Might be a way to get some of the profit that you put into :apple:'s pockets back.

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